Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Do You Worship The RACISM DEITY?

As divine melanated beings, we should be at a point that we have the ability to elevate to the extent that our emotions have subsided; that we recognize the supreme beings that we are, and focus our divine energy on increasing our brain matter. "Racism" is no longer a social problem, but rather an entity that HUMANS have grown and nurtured since the inception of OUR decision to operate in a lower frequency. And every time we worship this deity it becomes stronger. Whether we are for the deity Racism, or we are against the deity Racism...both sets of HUMANS send energy fields to this entity. The deity Racism can either make one to feel psuedo-supreme OR make one to feel victimized, rejected, angry, or even empowered.

Deity Racism gives back to those who make offerings to it. For it or against it, deity Racism feeds and regurgitates. So when we state "Stop Racism", it is a phrase that bares no weight to the Universe. It can not compute this. HUMANS created this deity. It is a strong force to be reckoned with, and no small nor large physical effort, no marches, no freedom songs, no pickets, no threats, no submissions and no assimilation will penetrate the essence of this deity.

The immortal being within must come to fruition TODAY. The Universe is capturing the data. What messages are you sending out?

You may say, “Oh but I’ll never forget…I can’t forget what they have done to me; my people” Fine. But know that each present day and moment that is focused on your past is your present. And when one lives in the past, they live in a death-state of being. The present never comes, and the physical life-span diminishes rapidly.

Part II of the 21st Century is here (2012-2100). Marcus Mosiah Garvey stated “Up! You mighty race, you can accomplish what you will.” I believe he means to elevate and not fixate.

Diffuse the human developed deity.
Give back your human rights to those weaker forces that handed them to you. And command your immortality. You are a Galactic Being. Now be it!

Recognizing the
Conscience and
Intelligence; the

A tad controversial, I know, but you can handle it. Ya heard?

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