Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Making A Bold Statement Is Practically Necessary

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As per the dictionary (a somewhat irrelevant source) but most currently dated definition of "Bold" can be described as, "Not afraid of taking risks and making difficult decisions..." An additional definition states, "To be strong, confident and determined." Whatever your preference is of a definition of "Bold", essentially in these days and times, one absolutely should (in my opinion) work towards this end.

You will find that many of the things in this life will come easy...but truth be told, much of what we can truly appreciate comes with a level of hard work, diligence, determination and ....BOLDNESS. Sometimes, you'll flat out ignore the fact that others may feel compromised when you exercise this quality, and that's okay! They will be alright! In the meantime, exercise your right to be magnificent. Become very comfortable in your own skin, and be the original talented and creative person you were destined to be. Duplications are not necessary.

There's no telling when you will read this post, but you have not stumbled upon it by accident. When you're finished reading (and enjoying the small excerpt of music), walk directly over to the mirror and claim your perfection right there at the reflection of yourself. Own your greatness...and get to work. (Don't stay in that mirror too long! Haha!)

You Are Uniquely & Brilliantly Adorned.