Friday, January 3, 2014

Death Brings Forth Life: New Beginnings In 2014; Take The Challenge

Greetings and Happy New Year To All!

This woman to the left, as you can imagine has had many transformations in her time. Just to name a few, releasing from processed hair to going natural waaay back in the year 2000, to fluctuating weight gain and weight loss, until I was determined to get a handle on it because I flat out just got tired of myself!

Transforming in any form will have its challenges. Sometimes, one may even wish to give up in the midst of their attempts to change their dynamics. The key is to let the frustration out. Cry, scream, punch the air if you have to. And once you have had your temper tantrum(s), get your ass back up and get back to work.

I believe I just may be one of the happiest people at least this side of the U.S. to see 2013 vanish. Whew! What a hellifying list of adversities. I wouldn't dream of going too deeply into the gory details of it all but I would say that the theme of 2013 was DEATH. Yes....I experienced many deaths in 2013; including the death of a long-time dear friend of mine. My goodness...that broke my heart. But in addition to the actual physical deaths of people, my death experiences lingered to the very end of December.

Now there are many ways that one could look at death. At first I was saddened by it, which is a very natural process to the loss of people, relationships and things. But because these situations were back-to-back...I truly mean, one after the other, I quickly realized that this was such a drastic sign to a larger picture.

The year of 2013 was a cleansing away of old to bring forth the new. This means new friends, new relationships, new beginnings.

Now if you are a believer of numerology, 2014 is a "7 Universal Year" ( 2+0+1+4=7). The energy of the Universal Year has influence upon the collective experience for everyone on the planet. Knowing the meaning of the Universal year Number lends insight into what we can expect to unfold in 2014. The number 7 calls for us to examine our surroundings and existence just a tad deeper this year than we have ever paid attention; an awakening so to speak. One may even find themselves gradually surrounded by like minds of people who are also experiencing this awakening. This would be described as a collective consciousness. This will be a year that places emphasis on dreams, messages, psychic phenomenon, wisdom and our connection to the Divine.

How was your year of 2013? If you found yourself thinking that there is no other direction than to arise, then you probably are of the group who shall experience a deeper awakening.

There is a purpose to obtaining such an awakening. It's not just about being aware of your surroundings and the people, animals, plants and bugs in it. The awakening will afford you the opportunity to make better decisions, be more creative and not only realize your dreams but execute them with ease. Remaining positive and expecting nothing but the best that the Universe has to offer is the key.

This is the year of transformation; or transmutation. You must do all things different to receive the most abundant response from the Universe. Stay far, far away from negativity. If you find someone attempting to serve as a vampire, waiting to suck the blood out of quickly. Should you enter a place of confusion, do not attempt to make it clear, but rather release yourself from it.

This year, expect forces to come your way that would have you to believe what is in front of you. I challenge you to not believe what is placed before you until you do your own research to determine if what you are seeing is really valid.

Now I'm not saying don't trust anyone. But I am saying trust your own conscious mind first. Placed within you are a series of nerves and excretions of what I like to call liquid knowledge; serum, if you will, such as serotonin and adrenaline, coupled with a beating heart which palpitates according to the environmental changes that exist. Utilize your own body as the tool which will steer you in the right directions this year, and you shall be amazed at the results.

Finally, I consistently state...speak less and listen more. You can learn a lot from loquacious people who don't keep their traps shut.

Keep It Movin' In 2014 People! You Are The Masters Of Your Fate.

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