Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ebay And Paypal....? What? Racketeering? Fake Products?

by Abeni Bamidele

Yes folks, so it seems that Ebay and Paypal may have gotten themselves in a heat of trouble and are in the midst of a lawsuit over federal racketeering of fraudulent items. (Gasp!) Can you imagine?  Apparently the Irvine-based company, Wimo Labs, filed a federal racketeering lawsuit against eBay this past Thursday. 

It appears that the Eyewitness News caught 'em! Gotcha.

Eyewitness News apparently have been looking into online counterfeit sales over the past several months. Low and behold, what is deemed as The Counterfeit Report, work with manufacturers to expose bogus products up for sale. Well, it was found that Ebay had shelves upon shelves of fake sh*#% that was being distributed out to the public in receipt of people's hard earned cash.

Thus far, the specifics of what products have not been identified. Dog-gonit! And I like shopping from time to time on that-there website for supplies-and-thangs. At any rate, buyer beware, and shop with an all-seeing eye. 

Ebay's comments to all of this?

"We have received a copy of the complaint and are reviewing it. That said, counterfeits are not welcome on eBay and we have a number of sophisticated tools, policies and other measures in place to keep them off our site. We will vigorously defend our practices in court."

Alright now!

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