Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I Want What You Have And Will Get It At All Costs

by Abeni Bamidele

There is a piercing of the eyes that can cut right through you when someone exhibits that they are envious. Now envy is a dangerous thing... It is an energy to be reckoned with should you so decide to fight with it. Envy can manifest in any form or fashion. It can rear its ugly head through a friend, family member, co-worker, passerby and even your spouse.

Envy is a spirit. When it is implanted in someone's mind it is quite a challenge to be exorcised out. It is for this reason that you pay close attention to the signs and symbols of an envious person, as their thoughts of you can become so hateful that they may even attempt to harm your reputation or even you. They can do so with a smile on their face, with the intent that you won't notice. I'm telling you to notice it. Pay close attention, and you will see.

What Happens To The Envious Person?

Know that envy is embedded in the mind of the person affected even before they make contact with you. It is not really based on the specifics of your situation; what you have, who you are or what you do. Envy is solely based on internal thoughts and feelings of inferiority, so when their eyes look out, a world of people around them are doing far greater things than they would ever imagine that they could achieve. (At least that is what their mind and thoughts are telling them.)

Envy is a sickness. Twisted thoughts, negativity, often low self-esteem, and inferior position are the conduits to the burning desire to want what others have, coupled with hints of passive aggression and a desire for ill-fate towards others.

Indeed, envy has been a friend to the mind of the one who has it for quite some time. And you may very well be the next target, so be mindful.

5 Signs of Envy From The Person You Know

1. Overly interested in the things that you are doing. They want to know the specifics; every detail yet with no intention of supporting you, congratulating you, taking part in the experience or engaging. They want to be in the know because perhaps their may be something they can take from you.

2. Indifference to the things that may excite you. An envious person may first attempt to defend against their feelings, as to pretend that their not affected by the moment. They may become silent or even change the subject on you with no recognition to what it is that you have just announced.

3. Insults and Unkind. Envious people can get downright mean at times. They will say something that will hopefully make you feel bad or identify a need you may have and be sure to abandon the thought of helping you in any way. It is because hurt people, hurt people.

4. Copy Cat Syndrome. Suddenly you are amidst a clone. Your friend is now making a really poor attempt in being you. Although they are doing a shotty job at it because there is only one you. You are an original, and they have become the sloppy seconds. Although they may think that their version is good.

5. Missing In Action. Ever notice when you're being used? That envious person comes around to take from you. They want your advice, your references, or anything you have to offer them that they think will make them better off. But look out when it is time for them to take part in something that you are doing..........crickets. Your friend has ran for the hills and you can't find them anywhere.

Just like Ponocchio with the nose, if you see that your associate or loved-one is turning a different hue, they're not "going green", they're green with envy.

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