Saturday, May 21, 2016

Dead Foods Live Foods: How Foods Can Affect Your Youthfulness And Sex Life

Dead Foods (to the left) - Live Foods (to the right)
How many times must we read and listen to how important eating a healthy diet keeps us alive, insightful, youthful, alert, and enjoying a healthy sex life? Not enough times apparently, because it is quite evident that women in particular are still suffering from various challenges such as obesity, increase in the aging process, diabetes, heart disease, and abnormal vaginal discharges and infections because of the ever-so cheap "fast food" that is readily available to us at every corner in U.S. neighborhoods.

Take a look below at my video where I talk briefly about staying youthful, eating properly, and how your mate's consumption of eating fast food and drinking alcohol can negatively affect your bodies (as women) after being sexually intimate. While I am no medical professional, I have a vested interest in my own health and concern for the welfare of others. Make sense? Check it out:

                       Can Fast Food Ruin Your Sex Life?