Sunday, May 1, 2016

Forecast For the Month of May 2016: Give Back To The Universe

Abeni Bamidele

Well, it is May 1st and I am overjoyed. The greenery and sunlight brings forth new life and energy to me, and I hope that a similar experience resonates with you as well.

This is a time for reflection and action. They must work hand in hand. We are up against a spiritual battle and you need to be prepared for the challenges ahead. My recommendation is to first begin with powering up your body by drinking plenty of water, and if you have not already started (which you should have...) get into a routine of strength training of your body. You will need the build-up of muscle to fight off any sudden sickness.

You see...we tend to take this beautiful season for granted, as if it were owed to us. But the reality is, beautiful scenery, sunlight, growth of foliage, and the chirping of birds are all the signs that indicate that we too as humans have a responsibility in making life beautiful for others.

The trees aren't selfish. They provide us with the much needed foliage which helps us breathe better. They do so, whether we ask for them to execute or not. Can we give of ourselves so easily?

We should be able to.

Yet we are living in a world of selfishness, arrogance, hatred and sociopathic ideology. And many of us will do whatever we can to take control of other people's lives and circumstances. And after all the damage is done...we smile and say, "job well done" as we then reward ourselves with a brisk jog in the park, with the expectation that nature will then reward us with the rejuvenating energy required to push forward.

Can you imagine if the trees were punishing? They should collapse before our very eyes, as they were not designed to reward evil...yet they give to us so willingly...anyway.

Take time this month to stay focused. Bring forth to the universe, positive energy. That is our responsibility. And let us not take for granted that those things that create solace for us will remain. We are expected to reciprocate the gesture.

Enjoy your month of May.

You Are Uniquely And Brilliantly Adorned.

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