Monday, August 7, 2017

Are You Maintaining A Positive Self-Image?

The way that you see yourself is a direct reflection to how others perceive you. 

This sounds so very cliché, however the truth of the matter is that we have to be ever so aware of the energy that we put forth out into the Universe. 

I can recall subconsciously feeling invisible. I have to be honest. Consciously, I thought I had it all together. I truly thought highly of myself. After all, I had achieved so many things in my lifetime and traveled to varied places around the world. I strived to be a well-rounded, well-versed human.  Yet something within my spirit was not whole, and I had not addressed it. Consequently, I had been a loner for most of my adult life; enjoying my time alone, yet always secretly desiring the company of friends and most importantly, a really great companion. That wasn't happening for me. I was invisible.

Fortunately for me I knew the art of self-reflection and self-assessment, and reached deeply in my soul to extract from me the core of why I felt unnoticed. Through gradual process I was able to release those strong-holds that kept me from realizing my full potential and told myself that I was worthy of great friends and created affirmations for myself that would attract the right people in my life.

It was like magic; the secret was revealed, and as a result, wonderful people entered my life thereafter. It all began with the development of a positive self-image and gaining the confidence that I needed that would then change my life forever.

How Do You See Yourself?


Be The Opposite Of Common.