Saturday, April 20, 2013

Who Are You?

"Who are you?" is such the basic question, yet it seems quite intricate to describe. There are an array of descriptions that one could give from overly-philosophical explanations, to very vague ideology which may only make sense to a chosen few. Identity is certainly something that should be embraced and defined starting from within, so that no one can ascribe a false identity for you.

When we fall short of truly knowing who we are, our lives may not appear in disarray, however the essence of living is depleted until we've made a sound assertion of our fundamental being. Internally, the mind and spirit are grappling with each other as we run the course of life having no true identity. The results of this internal war may result in numerous ways, from sadness, to aggression, victimization, or obsessive compulsive behavior, just to name a few.

Unfortunately, those who do not recognize that they are living within an ascribed identity, may be in denial their entire lives; always wandering along in life seeking acceptance in a world that has no room for those with no foundation.

It is best to sit in silence. Be naked if you have to, but for goodness sakes please...take the time to do whatever research necessary (starting from within) to learn the basic fundamentals of yourself....then LOVE him or her dearly. This is the true essence of adornment.

We are brilliant. We are beautiful. We are healthy. We are unique. We are One. Asè!

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tiger's Sky, Can You Imagine?

Can you imagine...what a tiger may be thinking as he looks to the sky? At that very moment, while still a predator, I would imagine that he takes a moment to reflect and meditate, while appreciating all that nature brings. Perhaps he is even thankful, for his beauty and agility. In China, he represents Power, Energy, Royalty, Protection, Generosity, Illumination and Unpredictability. He is a solar animal, associated with the symbolism of the sun, summer and fire. It is no wonder that his brilliance is so fascinating.

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Realizing Your True Purpose...And Quickly!

Pardon me, as I speak to you as if we have been already communicating for a very long time. I'm not so good with going into long formal introductions and explanations as to who I am, and why I am on this forum...Either you will find your way here...or those who have not...just will not...

You know...we've only got one life here on earth (depending upon what you may believe in). At least I will speak on the physical realm we are in right now, that would bring you to this forum. And with that being said, it is best to be doing something in your life that you enjoy. And I'm not talking about "having fun". That's just too silly and simplistic. I am speaking on finding your true purpose here on Earth; submitting to it, and fulfilling that purpose to the best of your ability. Truly, that is where the joy begins... It is not a selfish act. Purpose is the key word. The real point of your existence...Do you know it? Are you living it right now?

I'm beginning to get it as I've heard the cliche that "youth is wasted on the young"... I used to plain get agitated by the phrase, but I am realizing (finally now) that as you get older, truly, you begin to gain confidence within what it is that you know. And based on those experiences, you come to appreciate every waking moment of your life, and want to pay less attention to those things that interfere and/or interrupt the authentic direction you are being lead to...

Now is the time, to do what you were placed on this Earth to do... Moreover, the older you are, I suggest the faster you recognize what that purpose is and fulfill it. And try to minimize those trivial moments that disturb your direction.

Here's a clue: Care not what others say and think about you, for they are the very ones that serve to intrude upon your righteous path....