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Egyptian Goddess Isis: Healer, Physician, Enchantress, Magician...

Egyptian Goddess Isis Earrings, Goddess Earrings, Statement Jewelry, Spiritual Jewelry, Celestial Jewelry, Wing Jewelry

Healer, Physician, Enchantress, Magician...

"She is the personification of the female creative power that conceived and brought forth every living creature and thing. She used power not only in creating new things but in restoring what was dead." ~Mercatante

She is the Goddess Isis (no, not terrorist group...)

Goddess pendants (nickel free)
Opalite stones
Turquoise howlite
African Yellow Jacket beads
Wooden beads

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I Want What You Have And Will Get It At All Costs

by Abeni Bamidele

There is a piercing of the eyes that can cut right through you when someone exhibits that they are envious. Now envy is a dangerous thing... It is an energy to be reckoned with should you so decide to fight with it. Envy can manifest in any form or fashion. It can rear its ugly head through a friend, family member, co-worker, passerby and even your spouse.

Envy is a spirit. When it is implanted in someone's mind it is quite a challenge to be exorcised out. It is for this reason that you pay close attention to the signs and symbols of an envious person, as their thoughts of you can become so hateful that they may even attempt to harm your reputation or even you. They can do so with a smile on their face, with the intent that you won't notice. I'm telling you to notice it. Pay close attention, and you will see.

What Happens To The Envious Person?

Know that envy is embedded in the mind of the person affected even before they make contact with you. It is not really based on the specifics of your situation; what you have, who you are or what you do. Envy is solely based on internal thoughts and feelings of inferiority, so when their eyes look out, a world of people around them are doing far greater things than they would ever imagine that they could achieve. (At least that is what their mind and thoughts are telling them.)

Envy is a sickness. Twisted thoughts, negativity, often low self-esteem, and inferior position are the conduits to the burning desire to want what others have, coupled with hints of passive aggression and a desire for ill-fate towards others.

Indeed, envy has been a friend to the mind of the one who has it for quite some time. And you may very well be the next target, so be mindful.

5 Signs of Envy From The Person You Know

1. Overly interested in the things that you are doing. They want to know the specifics; every detail yet with no intention of supporting you, congratulating you, taking part in the experience or engaging. They want to be in the know because perhaps their may be something they can take from you.

2. Indifference to the things that may excite you. An envious person may first attempt to defend against their feelings, as to pretend that their not affected by the moment. They may become silent or even change the subject on you with no recognition to what it is that you have just announced.

3. Insults and Unkind. Envious people can get downright mean at times. They will say something that will hopefully make you feel bad or identify a need you may have and be sure to abandon the thought of helping you in any way. It is because hurt people, hurt people.

4. Copy Cat Syndrome. Suddenly you are amidst a clone. Your friend is now making a really poor attempt in being you. Although they are doing a shotty job at it because there is only one you. You are an original, and they have become the sloppy seconds. Although they may think that their version is good.

5. Missing In Action. Ever notice when you're being used? That envious person comes around to take from you. They want your advice, your references, or anything you have to offer them that they think will make them better off. But look out when it is time for them to take part in something that you are doing..........crickets. Your friend has ran for the hills and you can't find them anywhere.

Just like Ponocchio with the nose, if you see that your associate or loved-one is turning a different hue, they're not "going green", they're green with envy.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Energy Of OBÀTÁLÁ Is Upon You: Orisha Inspired Jewelry


Within the authentic Yoruba traditional religious construct, the male diety,  Orisha OBÀTÁLÁ is known to be the creator of Earth and sculptor of mankind. The Alpha who works with clay. He belongs to the psychic system, that is to the belief in the being of the spirit and the soul.

I Ask...Who Rules Your Head...?   

"For the Obatala child the expression and use of this primary energy is complex. The Obatala child will see a world of black and white. No Gray. To an Obatala child things are either right or wrong there is no middle ground." (Ifa Foundation International interpretation)

Cowrie Shells, Opalite, and Pearl Jewelry Set, Pearl Beaded Earrings and Wrap Bracelet

In honor of the Orisha Obatala, this wire wrapped cowrie shells and ivory glass pearls beaded bracelet and earrings set will make a subtle yet beautiful statement. Earrings 5.5" length, gold plated lever back ear-wires, Bracelet is designed using memory wire.

Materials: Opalite stones, Glass pearls, Cowrie shells, Gold beads

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Nigeria- Obatala Shrine in Ile Ife


Friday, October 23, 2015

This Is For The Men: Hey It's A Man's World...Right?

It was recently requested that I design necklaces for men at shorter lengths. Hey, what can I used to designing for the man with the massively huge muscular chest. They usually require a design with greater length.

And so here we are for the man with a distinct taste with the specifics of length from 18"-20" length. A few have already been shipped to their rightful owners. More to come...

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Somebody Likes My Stuff!

by Abeni Bamidele

Does the title grab you? It should, just as much as when a confident woman walks in the room and captivates what soon becomes her audience. Some would think it was vein for one to take interest in such a thing, yet those who "hate" just may silently wish they exuded the same level of confidence. 

Now confidence isn't something that is grown over night. The most beautiful of beautiful people can walk with their heads down in shame and inferiority if they fail to develop some very key components that cultivate self-awareness and self-assuredness. Let me also say that the type of confidence I speak of, does not come from validation through other's point of view. However, it doesn't hurt to have the "like" button hit from time to time on social media. Well that's what it's for...right?

So I was checking out an archived article on Madomnoire where author Erica Williams speaks on the the 5 Habits of a Confident Woman. Here they are:

             5 Habits Of A Confident Woman

1. Define Yourself
Don’t let others determine how you feel about yourself nor allow society to tell you what you can and cannot do. Tap into your inner voice and write your own rules for your life. If you’re writing your own rules you don’t have to worry about succumbing to someone else’s.
2. Know Your Strengths & Use Them
Make a list of all the things that you’re good at or the characteristics that you love about yourself. Then make sure you’re not letting your skills go to waste by actually using them.  And display the characteristics you love about yourself as often as you can. If you’re funny, use it to your advantage.
3. Always Dress the Part
So you just don’t feel like putting a 100% into your appearance? I completely understand. We all have those days when we want to just roll out of bed and head straight to work, wild hair and all. But remember confidence is never tacky. I would love to believe that people don’t care about your outer appearance, but that is far from the truth. The reality is people judge you based on what you’re wearing. So always ask yourself ‘what message am I trying to convey with my attire?’
4. Take Risks & Take Action
The only thing that comes to someone who stays in their comfort zone is what they already have. A confident woman wants the most out of life and pushes herself to be the best she can be. The only way to do this is to step out of your comfort zone and into something new.
5. Use Positive Affirmations
From the zillion twitter quotes to the sayings we’ve heard since we were kids, everyone loves to here a good quote for affirmation. And why not? Affirmations can help replace negative thoughts. Besides telling yourself how fabulous you are everyday, find affirmations that relate to some of your confidence issues. If you can’t find them, make up your own. The key is to zap a negative thought by replacing it with something positive.

Take the first steps to building your confidence. Guaranteed, it will put a smile on your face. And for all others who already exude this magical attribute...You work it girl!
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Tell A Secret Or Take It To The Grave?

by Abeni Bamidele

Let's face it, at some point in time, many of us on Earth have been challenged with the responsibility of either keeping a secret regarding what someone has told us, or refrained from telling our own gory tangled web of a story or situation. Now if neither of these circumstances resonate with you, don't leave the room just yet. Stick around and learn a few things about secrets, and why we keep them.

Well the obvious reason that secrets are kept are because we do not want others to know the nature of some behavior or act that is performed. Human nature would have us to think that the behavior is then sordid or dirty in some way because it is not outwardly or easily revealed.. The element of not knowing the intricate details of the business of others and circumstances can tempt one to have a strong desire to want to know what is really going on behind closed doors. Whether we act upon what is potentially revealed poses more questions to what really drives us to either keeping or telling secrets.

The media plays a strong role in generating our desires to want to know what the "scandal" of the day is. It's really quite spellbinding in my estimation if you think about it. After all, some things that are performed in the dark should not come into the light....or should they?

We have developed many sub-cultures within cultures particularly in families, "secret" societies, organized groups and clubs where the belief is that some things should be kept secret. A sort of bond or relationship is developed that poses the question, "Am I my brother's keeper?" Even when we examine our own governmental entities, we know that we are saturated with smoke screens all around us, just so secrets can remain untold; at least to the masses.

Just think about a few scenarios for a moment and decide upon whether you think the subject matter should be revealed or left hidden in the dark:

Scenario 1:  Domestic Violence

 Secret Or Take It To The Grave?

Scenario 2: Sexual Preference

 Secret Or Take It To The Grave?

Scenario 3: Racial Hatred 

Secret Or Take It To The Grave?

Scenario 4: Corruption

Secret Or Take It To The Grave?

Scenario 5: Sordid Love Affairs

 Secret Or Take It To The Grave?

Your beliefs, morals and values will determine what answers you decide upon and the reasoning to support your decisions. Whether you are simply curious or down-right nosy, have your own "skeletons in your closet" or feel that you are obligated to reveal what is not known to others; secrets will carry us through the tests of time. We simply have to learn how we are going to cope with such a phenomenon that is just as embedded in our society as is racism....but that's another topic.

One does not have to believe or practice religion to be able to appreciate the scripture which can serve as an Earth Law Principle that states:

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015


by Abeni Bamidele

Is it ever acceptable to use the word "hate"? I sure hope so as I must use this word with fervor as I am speaking to you right now.

I hate indecisiveness. No if's, and's or but's about it. I can't stand indecisiveness. I tend to run quickly away from those who can't make a decision to save their lives. Before I speak further on the issue, let's break down its meaning first shall we?


  1. 1.
    not settling an issue.
     2. (of a person) not having or showing the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively.

A few synonyms to coincide: 


I didn't make these up. I found these perfect descriptions of "indecisive" on

Man endlessly pondering with no resolve....

So what can be said for the person who aimlessly ponders and is indecisive? Why can't they make up their mind? Or why do they make a decision, then quickly change their minds, only to revert back to the initial decision? What's wrong with them???!!

I recently had a male customer who could not make up his mind as to what he wanted to purchase. Yessss I specified male only because many assume that it is only women who torment others with their indecisiveness, but do this too! He went back and forth, asking a series of questions which I actually encourage customers to do. HOWEVER, after giving so much time and attention, I'm looking for some decisions to be made!

At any rate, the customer made a purchase of jewelry, then quickly changed his mind and asked for a refund. (No problem I thought.) While quite annoying, as I would prefer to have the sale, we are entitled to change our minds, so I refunded him without hesitation. Needless to say, an hour later he kept selecting and changing his mind, selecting, then changing his mind, selecting..........................then changing his mind.

"To endlessly ponder without decision, leaves one in a state of eternal stagnation."

What turmoil, I thought. To endlessly ponder without decision, leaves one in a state of eternal stagnation. So what could potentially cause one to never be able to make decisions? Well, I am going to speculate, as I do not profess to be a subject matter expert in indecision.

Top 3 Causes Of Indecisiveness

From my perspective:

1. FEAR of the unknown may cause one to be hesitant in making sound decisions.

2. INSECURITY due to a lack of encouragement overtime, can make a person think that their decisions may not have a good result.

3. INFERIORITY can unfortunately creep up, when one lacks opportunity to take on a leadership role in some capacity. The person may feel more comfortable having someone else making decisions for them.

There are a host of additional causes of this state of being, however time does not permit to perseverate on this topic.

I think you know by now that I wouldn't talk about a problem unless I offered a solution; or at least lead you to information regarding potential solutions. So here is one point of reference from online magazine Healthline:

Making decisions are paramount to our growth, even when we make bad ones. We are well-respected and should feel better about ourselves when we demonstrate that we are comfortable in the decisions we make.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Gye Nyame: Symbol Of The Supremacy Of God, Men's Tribal Jewelry, Khepera Adornments, LLC, FTM Collection

Men's Large Solid Brass Gye Nyame Necklace, Men's African Tribal Necklace, Men's Oversize Adinkra Symbol Statement Jewelry, FTM Collection

Okay, so only BOLD MEN need to apply for this one as the solid brass Gye Nyame pendant is huge. This is a real statement piece. The Men's Tribal Gye Nyame Necklace is a handsomely designed piece that can be worn with many colors, and many styles. Wear it with confidence. FTM Collection.

26"-31" length
Silver plated lobster claw clasp

Strung on vinyl coated, stainless steel braided wire
Authentic Brass West African Gye Nyame pendant (3" length, 3" width)
African Trade Beads (powdered glass Krobo beads)
Antiqued Copper spacers
Jasper gemstones

Wooden beads

"Except For God" 

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Quickly Remove Unwanted Body Fat: No Secret Here; With Food, Meditation (And Exercise Of Course!)

Have you ever glanced in the mirror and noticed that you have put on a couple of pounds that weren't there just a few months ago...? No? That hasn't happened to you? Oh. Well you're fortunate, yet I've seen this happen to me from time to time, particularly when my short break from an on-going regimen of exercise became obsolete due to changes in schedule because of other life's experiences. When my break from my workout becomes too extensive, I no longer look like the image of fitness above, but rather have stepped on the scale and it yelled for help. Consequently, I had to do something about it.

Just in case you need a few pointers, for those who can admit to growing a little chub from time to time, I thought I would provide you with some information that helped me to jump start my exercise routine again, and took off those extra pounds and pretty quickly.

It never fails, when you jump-start weight loss with exercise. Some love it, others hate it. I happen to be one of those persons who are slow to warm up to working out in the beginning; particularly when I have waited too long and I have to build my strength and stamina back up again. It's best not to let that happen. But if you did...not to worry. Help is on the way.

Start off with simple light exercises that will aid in building up your stamina and speed up your metabolism, such as this 8 minute video provided.

Lose Weight And Burn Body Fat In 8 Minutes:


Additionally, I'm sure that you knew that there are a variety of foods that help to burn body fat! The combination of eating these foods and drinking plenty of water along with exercise will help you to see results in as fast as 10 days.

If these foods appear unidentifiable..I'll name them:

1. Eggs
2, Oatmeal
3, Broccoli
4. Garlic cloves
5. Milk (and some other dairy products)
6. Almonds
7. Tuna (and other types of fish)

I can not say that I endorse all of these food items as I can really do without the dairy products. However always do research and speak to a healthcare professional who can assist you in providing the most productive food regimen for you.

Take a look at this article written by Prevention Magazine to get you started in gaining a better understanding of how the foods work in helping to burn body fat:

It also never hurts to also partake in the power of meditation to help you to relax and focus on those things which will get you your desired results. When you can, take out a bit of quiet time for yourself to meditate. Try the meditation below:

Weight Loss, Good Health And Fitness Meditation

Urban Chic And Controversial Swag

Drape Yourself And Be Regal


Controversial Swag

Urban Chic

Class With Sass...

Street Fashion

You Need A Little Music:

Friday, October 16, 2015

Can Your Job Kill You?

Here's an easy question: Can stress kill you? Sure can. I can say that I've known a few people in my time who have died from stress related health conditions. The scary thing is, that once the body has been traumatized by stress, it becomes immediately vulnerable to any other potential situations that could induce a "panic" from within.

I've noticed that many ignore the signs and symptoms of stress as well. While many conditions hide themselves within the body and lie dormant so-to-speak, the body tends to alarm us with varied signals to indicate that it is in turmoil particularly when it is due to experiencing stressful situations. A few examples: loss of appetite, insomnia, recurring headaches, mild tingling in the limbs, stomach pains, indigestion, blurred vision, shortness of breath and chest pain to name a few.

So why would anyone wish to ignore these signs and keep on keeping on despite their indicators that should have the person wanting to change their situation? Why ignore stress? Well, one primary reason one ignores the signs of stress within the body is when they are going to a job from day to day. You see, the trap of working in jobs from day to day, with confined standards alone, can cause one's blood to subtly erupt. The mind and spirit was not meant to be confined in such a way. Yet when we couple this dynamic with a work environment that is less than desirable, the body is experiencing a slow death. Think I'm melodramatic? I sure hope not. Take heed to the signs of work-related stress.

*14 Causes of Work-Related Stress*

1. Poor working relationship with supervisor.
2. Lack of opportunity for advancement.
3. Poor work-life balance.
4. Performing a job that is not one's passion.
5. Unreasonable workload.
6. Lengthy commute to and from work.
7. Co-workers that you just don't like.
8. Low pay and lousy benefits package.
9. Mistrust and unfairness.
10. Job ambiguity and inconsistency.
11. Random interruptions.
12. No feedback from leadership whether good or bad.
13. Lack of appreciation.
14. Devalued.

So what can this all lead to in terms of illness? Well I mentioned a few above. Yet if you are already experiencing health issues such as diabetes, depression, asthma, heart disease, etc., death can be knocking at your door.

I recently went to a job interview for a pretty high-powered position, which could surely cause one to become stressed as it is in the field of behavioral health administration. I asked the interviewer, "So may I ask what happened to the last person in this position...why is there an opening for this position now...?"

The interviewer and her colleague gave a rapid glance at each other and she stated to me, "Well she was an absolutely excellent employee..........SHE DIED... DIED... DIED... FROM ASTHMA.......... ASThma...Asthma..asthma......."

Okay, well she just stated "died from asthma" once, yet deductive reasoning told me to run for the hills.

BOTTOM LINE: Be good to yourself. Take care of yourself. Don't ignore the signs of work-related stress, because at the end of the day, if you die at your desk, the organization you work for may simply kick your corpse over to the side and say, "Next Victim! I mean employee!...Hey Jim, will you discard this one on the floor please, he couldn't cut the mustard."

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Khepera Adornments, LLC: Anytime Is The Right Time To Be Fashionable

For your varied personality and style, shop at Khepera Adornments, LLC. We have got the fashion for the mood that you are in.

Khepera Adornments, LLC serves to provide you with an array of hand-crafted adornments that inspire you to re-invent yourself and "to become" (kheperer). Since the Khepera, symbolic to the scarab beetle is said to hold the attributes of self-generation and self-renewal, it is most fitting that Khepera Adornments, LLC provides you with distinct opportunities to look rejuvenated and feel renewed.

Khepera Adornments, LLC serves to provide you with a variety of natural health emollients and information that aid in proactive care for one's self, so that your presence is at its very best. 

Any time is the right time to be fashionable. Be the opposite of common.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Solid Brass African Shield and Purple Agate Earrings, African Earrings, Bohemian Earrings, Tribal Chic, Boho Chic Jewelry: Khepera Adornments, LLC

    Solid Brass African Shield and Purple Agate Earrings, African Earrings, Bohemian Earrings, Tribal Chic, Boho Chic Jewelry

Solid Brass African Shield and Purple Agate Earrings are bold, chic and culturally saturated; which represent vision and strength. These pendants have traveled a distance from Ghana, West Africa so that you have opportunity to evoke your royal presence, with such royal colors. Earrings approx. 4" length, antiqued solid brass hand-crafted ear-wires.

Solid brass shield pendants
Purple Agate
Wooden heishi
Gold Wood beads

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Khepera Adornments, LLC On Handmade At Amazon

Designed by Abeni Bamidele, Khepera Adornments, LLC
Khepera Adornments, LLC Meets Handmade At Amazon

And so here we are in October 2015 and new beginnings have started when Amazon launched the new marketplace, Handmade at Amazon at approximately 3am EST. Some reports state midnight... I particularly received my email of the huge announcement at 3:14 am to be exact.

Certainly there will be much controversy over this new beginning for Amazon's handmade marketplace as the very well known and established online marketplace, Etsy (Brooklyn, NY 2005) just may soon see their match. Some reports state that Amazon will blow Etsy out of the water.

Hmmm... well only time will tell.

In a recent online Forbes magazine article, writer Nicole Leinbach-Reyhle interviews Etsy CEO, Chad Dickerson who firmly states:

We believe we are the best platform for creative entrepreneurs, empowering them to succeed on their own terms. Etsy has a decade of experience understanding the needs of artists and sellers and supporting them in ways that no other marketplace can. Our platform attracts 21+ million thoughtful consumers seeking to discover unique goods, and build relationships with the people who make and sell them...

Such a statement by Dickerson surely demonstrates that Etsy will continue to strive for excellence, as it has always done.

The good news (for me and many others) is that Etsy still receives plenty of love from both its buyers and sellers like myself. And what shop owner can resist that beautiful sound of "Cha-Ching!" every time a sale is made? It's addictive, I tell you, so feed my urge to hear it over and over again by purchasing the best designed handmade products you will find this side of the East Coast of the U.S. If you don't believe me that the ring of the register isn't addictive to the ear...try it out for yourself and click below:

See what I mean? I just love that sound.

Now... As For Handmade At Amazon

Official Handmade At Amazon Photo

Now, as for Amazon... I have to give credit where credit is due, as the launch has just begun and so have sales. While I would not normally announce such a thing, the immediacy of it all is quite very impressive. Now about their seller's app...will it compare to Etsy's??? Time can only tell with that as well, yet I am sure Amazon has some very brilliant ideas under its sleeve.

For more incite about both competitive giants check out this article from ABC news published today:

How Amazon's 'Handmade' Plans to Take on Etsy

Be sure to stop by my new shop: Khepera Adornments, LLC at Handmade At Amazon. 

   See you at both Etsy And Amazon (Handmade) and happy shopping!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Let's Talk About SILENCE



absence of any sound or noise; stillness.
the state or fact of being silentmuteness.
absence or omission of mention, comment, or expressed concern.
the state of being forgotten; oblivion.
concealment; secrecy.

Silence seems to be more and more of something we so desperately need; at least from my world view. It is only that many do not realize how priceless and necessary it is. Some are afraid of it. Others run from it. And a selected many frantically await for its arrival. Then you have the tribe of people which I shall include myself in, that gravitate to it. (This would be the more intelligent group. It's my opinion! I'm just saying...)

I recently had a chat with a minister of religion. Much to my dismay, I quickly learned a lot about him based on something he did not know, that I would have expected him to be a subject matter expert. We found ourselves talking about silence. He told me a brief story of his moving to the vicinity through which I domicile. I asked what he thought of the location thus far, and he stated to me that he did not like the area so much because it was too quiet.


Huh...? "Too quiet?" I asked. Well how much sense does that make? (Well out of respect) I did not state my cynicism to the good pastor, however I certainly questioned in my mind why a man of God, as I'm sure he would like to be considered, would not appreciate the marvelous gift of silence? "But one could learn so much through silence" I exclaimed. 

Well, at any rate I found myself in a somewhat whimsical discussion regarding Mr. Minister's feelings of loneliness all due to not having enough noise, music, talking and laughter around him. Yet perhaps he was placed in silence for good reason...

He stated to me that he tends to go into "the city" where the happenings are. Happenings?! But, but....... never mind.

Enough of the discussion with Brother Preacher. I could see that he wasn't getting my point, and I had to vamoose. 

Bottom line: You can hear your inner-voice through silence. Many will state that God is speaking at this time, and I would tend to believe this as well. Yet whether you believe in a greater power than yourself or not, surely silence gives one the opportunity to think and make plans, moreover develop one's own individuality. Silence allows you to create your own identity without the influences of others chattering in your ear as to what they think you need to say or do....

Take complete control of your own life through silence. During this time, you will be divinely guided in the directions that lead you to your purposeful path. 

There is power in silence, for it has a way of making others nervous as they do not know what you are thinking, and that simply is not a bad thing at all.

Silence interrupted by noise is madness. Not everyone has opportunity to surround themselves with silence. My heart goes out to those who live in constant noise, as it has a way of disturbing one's mental state, even when the person may think that they are absolutely fine. 

Whenever you can, remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of noise, and make time for reflection in silence. It will serve as a daily mini vacation, as it will rejuvenate the spirit and replenish the soul.

Take Five Minutes Of Silence Right Now: