Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tell A Secret Or Take It To The Grave?

by Abeni Bamidele

Let's face it, at some point in time, many of us on Earth have been challenged with the responsibility of either keeping a secret regarding what someone has told us, or refrained from telling our own gory tangled web of a story or situation. Now if neither of these circumstances resonate with you, don't leave the room just yet. Stick around and learn a few things about secrets, and why we keep them.

Well the obvious reason that secrets are kept are because we do not want others to know the nature of some behavior or act that is performed. Human nature would have us to think that the behavior is then sordid or dirty in some way because it is not outwardly or easily revealed.. The element of not knowing the intricate details of the business of others and circumstances can tempt one to have a strong desire to want to know what is really going on behind closed doors. Whether we act upon what is potentially revealed poses more questions to what really drives us to either keeping or telling secrets.

The media plays a strong role in generating our desires to want to know what the "scandal" of the day is. It's really quite spellbinding in my estimation if you think about it. After all, some things that are performed in the dark should not come into the light....or should they?

We have developed many sub-cultures within cultures particularly in families, "secret" societies, organized groups and clubs where the belief is that some things should be kept secret. A sort of bond or relationship is developed that poses the question, "Am I my brother's keeper?" Even when we examine our own governmental entities, we know that we are saturated with smoke screens all around us, just so secrets can remain untold; at least to the masses.

Just think about a few scenarios for a moment and decide upon whether you think the subject matter should be revealed or left hidden in the dark:

Scenario 1:  Domestic Violence

 Secret Or Take It To The Grave?

Scenario 2: Sexual Preference

 Secret Or Take It To The Grave?

Scenario 3: Racial Hatred 

Secret Or Take It To The Grave?

Scenario 4: Corruption

Secret Or Take It To The Grave?

Scenario 5: Sordid Love Affairs

 Secret Or Take It To The Grave?

Your beliefs, morals and values will determine what answers you decide upon and the reasoning to support your decisions. Whether you are simply curious or down-right nosy, have your own "skeletons in your closet" or feel that you are obligated to reveal what is not known to others; secrets will carry us through the tests of time. We simply have to learn how we are going to cope with such a phenomenon that is just as embedded in our society as is racism....but that's another topic.

One does not have to believe or practice religion to be able to appreciate the scripture which can serve as an Earth Law Principle that states:

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