Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Let's Talk About SILENCE



absence of any sound or noise; stillness.
the state or fact of being silentmuteness.
absence or omission of mention, comment, or expressed concern.
the state of being forgotten; oblivion.
concealment; secrecy.

Silence seems to be more and more of something we so desperately need; at least from my world view. It is only that many do not realize how priceless and necessary it is. Some are afraid of it. Others run from it. And a selected many frantically await for its arrival. Then you have the tribe of people which I shall include myself in, that gravitate to it. (This would be the more intelligent group. It's my opinion! I'm just saying...)

I recently had a chat with a minister of religion. Much to my dismay, I quickly learned a lot about him based on something he did not know, that I would have expected him to be a subject matter expert. We found ourselves talking about silence. He told me a brief story of his moving to the vicinity through which I domicile. I asked what he thought of the location thus far, and he stated to me that he did not like the area so much because it was too quiet.


Huh...? "Too quiet?" I asked. Well how much sense does that make? (Well out of respect) I did not state my cynicism to the good pastor, however I certainly questioned in my mind why a man of God, as I'm sure he would like to be considered, would not appreciate the marvelous gift of silence? "But one could learn so much through silence" I exclaimed. 

Well, at any rate I found myself in a somewhat whimsical discussion regarding Mr. Minister's feelings of loneliness all due to not having enough noise, music, talking and laughter around him. Yet perhaps he was placed in silence for good reason...

He stated to me that he tends to go into "the city" where the happenings are. Happenings?! But, but....... never mind.

Enough of the discussion with Brother Preacher. I could see that he wasn't getting my point, and I had to vamoose. 

Bottom line: You can hear your inner-voice through silence. Many will state that God is speaking at this time, and I would tend to believe this as well. Yet whether you believe in a greater power than yourself or not, surely silence gives one the opportunity to think and make plans, moreover develop one's own individuality. Silence allows you to create your own identity without the influences of others chattering in your ear as to what they think you need to say or do....

Take complete control of your own life through silence. During this time, you will be divinely guided in the directions that lead you to your purposeful path. 

There is power in silence, for it has a way of making others nervous as they do not know what you are thinking, and that simply is not a bad thing at all.

Silence interrupted by noise is madness. Not everyone has opportunity to surround themselves with silence. My heart goes out to those who live in constant noise, as it has a way of disturbing one's mental state, even when the person may think that they are absolutely fine. 

Whenever you can, remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of noise, and make time for reflection in silence. It will serve as a daily mini vacation, as it will rejuvenate the spirit and replenish the soul.

Take Five Minutes Of Silence Right Now: