Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Essence Of Khepera Adornments, LLC

Khepera Adornments, LLC serves to provide you with an array of hand-crafted adornments and alluring accessories that will inspire you to re-invent yourself and "to become" (kheperer). We serve to supply you with a variety of natural health emollients and information that aid in proactive care for one's self, so that your presence is at its very best. Since the Khepera, symbolic to the scarab beetle is said to hold the attributes of self-generation and self-renewal, it is most fitting that Khepera Adornments, LLC advocates for your overall well-being and beauty. Allow us to partake on your journey, as we provide you with distinct opportunities to look and feel rejuvenated.

Be The Opposite Of Common.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cyber Monday Is Over But The Sale Isn't At Khepera Adornments, LLC: Shop On!

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Monday, December 1, 2014


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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Expeditious Change: When The Universe Can't Wait For Your Pace

This is a beautiful scenery of color, nature and even wonderment, but the dynamics if one truly pays attention are giving a message to us, that processes are moving faster. Will you be ready for the change?

Here we have a mixture of Autumn and Winter combined. Autumn often represents the beauty of Summer's history; the idea that foliage is gradually depleting in a most magnificent and beautiful way. A grand symbol of nature's higher intelligence which speaks to us, and tells us that there is a shift in the Universe, and that it is time to change.

But what if we miss some of the gradual signs of change, when suddenly Autumn pokes elements of Winter? Do we idly sit enamored by its dichotomy? Do we become agitated as we were not quite finished sporting our new Fall line of clothing? What exactly should we make of this rapid dynamic?

Well I suggest to you to examine how nature is telling us to step up the pace of our transitions and seat ourselves promptly within the next dimensions of our existence here on Earth. Ever notice a time in your life when you were expected to pick up the pace to get something done right away? It's quite an uncomfortable feeling. Let's say you applied for a new position and set the appointment for interview at the perfect time. Your suit looks good, your shoes are shining, your answers are prepared, and you have at least a few hours to prep yourself on the organization's mission statement and strategic plans. And suddenly you receive a call stating that you've been asked to drop everything and show up within the next half hour, as the CEO would like to perform an initial screening with you before you submit yourself before a panel of interviewers. How would this make you feel? Your heart is pumping faster, the adrenaline is moving through your body quickly, and you can either have a fight or flight response to the situation at hand. At that very moment, Autumn turns to Winter and you must be prepared. If you make your way through the opportunity successfully, your scenery will be beautiful.

I implore you to pick up the pace and recognize that expeditious change isn't coming....it's here. What will you do in it?

You Are Uniquely & Brilliantly Adorned.

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Autumn 2014: A Transitional Season; What's Your Plan?

The Fall months have always been a great transitional time of year for me, as I like to make changes right along with the colors of the leaves changing. I believe it was right here on this blog last year for the Autumn season that I spoke of how even the insects make their own transition, where Summer insect leave us such as fireflies (lightening bugs) and some very creepy crawlers enter in like the retched stink-bug and the ladybug crosses our path.

I have decided to take on the task of once again....losing some weight and toning. This Summer I spent most of my time transitioning into a new position at work in addition to designing all of those great jewelry items you love to wear. Business has picked up tremendously and it is most appreciated. However I have not yet mastered how to duplicate my hands. Not quite ready for an apprentice just yet, but certainly open to the idea as my goals increase for Khepera Adornments.

An additional commitment I have is to increase my writing. I absolutely love it, yet it's the time, the time, the time. Yet I shall make this a personal goal.

So what are your transitional goals for the season. The count-down is here for 2014. Can you believe it?! So you better hop to it before Winter. Until next time...

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Fall Fashion 2014: Khepera Adornments, LLC Bringing You Eclectic African Jewelry, Tribal Jewelry & Bohemian Jewelry

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Khepera Adornments, LLC: Mood Jewelry

Sometimes when we shop, we just want a little pick-me-up to cheer us up or make a friend happy. This is the perfect section to satisfy your mood or urge. And fear not! Prices may change in this section according to mood. But Always a low price. You never know what great item will be just the price for you...So Stop By Regularly.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

What Does Your Future Hold In 2015?

Well now...it's August, and can you believe it...? You should be thinking about your strategic goals for the coming year. Have you achieved the ones for 2014? Did you lose the weight? Did you get that new position? Is your home purchased? Have you increased your retirement fund?

Hoping that whatever your answer is...there is a "Yes" in there somewhere. It doesn't feel really good when you set out to achieve a goal or goals, and you find yourself saying, "I should have, would have, could have...if only I had...." It's still not too late! Get out there and do something before this year is out if you have not already. You'll feel so much better in the long run. Trust me on this one. ;-)

You Are Uniquely & Brilliantly Adorned.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Khepera Adornments: Free Shipping Jewelry Sale

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Khepera Adornments LLC Tribal Jewellery Line Fall 2014

Get a head start on Khepera Adornments Tribal Jewelry Collection coming this Fall 2014. Add some spice to your wardrobe.

Adornments to the Left: The Carnelian Tribal Jewelry Set is chic, enriched with color and eye-catching. This set will surely compliment your style and taste. Necklace, 20" Carnelian pendant with Cowrie shell 3.5" length earrings, gold plated ear wires, 2.5" length.

Adornments Below: Tribal Necklace and Bracelet Set is handsomely designed for the man who can appreciate style and boldness. Necklace 24" length, Bracelet can be adjusted to size. Send measurements. FTM Collection

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Rapid Hair Growth For The Naturalista: Foods That Promote Healthy Hair Growth

You know, orange is such a beautiful color. When I think of it, I am reminded by the sunlight, summer fashion and tasty ripe fruits that are so delicious all season 'round.

Yet there is something that the wondrous food items in this photo have in common. Let's see, what have we here?

1. Apricots
2. Carrots
3. Pumpkin
4. Mango
5. Yams

All five aid in the growth of your hair. And when eaten regularly (with a hearty regimen of quenching glasses of water) you've got yourself an expedient hair growth factory; only that it is coming from your own scalp.....and uugh not hair obtained from the scalp of someone else...bagged up, then sold to you.

So what's the deal? What exactly is the significance of the color orange? Aside from its symbolism and association with joy, sunshine, and the tropics. Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation. Yet this is still not answering the question of what the similarity is of these foods, and why the significance in color aids in triggering the hair growth process.

It's Because of Beta Carotene.

Beta-carotene is a red-orange pigment found in plants and fruits, especially carrots and colorful vegetables.

The name beta-carotene comes from the Greek beta and Latin carota (carrot). It is the yellow/orange pigment that gives vegetables and fruits their rich colors. So some guy by the name of H. Wachenroder crystallized beta-carotene from carrot roots in 1831, and came up with the name "carotene". Clever....eh? Anyway, The human body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A (retinol) - beta-carotene is a precursor of vitamin A. We need vitamin A for healthy hair, skin,mucus membranes, our immune system, and good eye health and vision. While Beta-carotene in itself is not an essential nutrient, vitamin A is.

Beta-carotene is an antioxidant. An antioxidant is a substance that inhibits the oxidation of other molecules; it protects the body from free radicals. Free radicals damage cells through oxidation. Eventually, the damage caused by free radicals can cause several chronic illnesses.

Beta carotene in foods is converted to vitamin A in the body, and vitamin A is necessary for all cell growth, including hair cells. A deficiency can lead to dry, dull, lifeless hair, and dry skin, which can flake off into dandruff.

Now don't go having too much of a good thing!

Excessive amounts of Vitamin A can also cause hair loss! Have a healthy balance by adding more beta carotene–rich foods to your meals rather than taking vitamin A supplements. If you should choose to take a multivitamin, check the label to make sure that your brand supplies no more than 50% DV of vitamin A in the form of retinol. Retinol is listed on supplement labels as palmitate or acetate. The other 50% or more should come in the form of beta carotene or mixed carotenoids, which are converted to vitamin A only as we need it.

Hear are some additional foods rich in Beta Carotene:

Chinese cabbage
Dandelion leaves
Herbs & Spices - chilli powder, oregano, paprika, parsley

And so what's the deal with drinking water as it relates to hair growth?

Water helps the body process and flush out toxins, which makes it a quick and easy natural method that will make your hair grow a lot faster. Maintaining a regimen of at least 8 cups of water a day, will not only make your overall body feel great, your hair will get stronger. The stronger the hair, the faster it grows. Drinking water also keeps your hair hydrated from the inside out. Hydrated hair is less likely to get parched and break off.

Give yourself a healthy food challenge and watch the magic!

You Are Uniquely & Brilliantly Adorned.

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Six Months Completion 2014: Have You Relaxed?

Serenity is the key to creativity. Find your meditative space to create. As I design jewellery, there is nothing like taking in the breeze and listening to birds chirping. It is as if they were speaking to me; reminding me that we are collectively One with nature. This is my sacred space.

If you don't currently have a sacred space...Get one, right away and bask in it.

You Are Uniquely & Brilliantly Adorned.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Add A Burst Of Color To Summer 2014 ~ Khepera Adornments

You never have to have a dull moment this Summer. Add a burst of color to your attire. It will keep you young and vibrant no matter what age. You Are Uniquely & Brilliantly Adorned.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

SANKOFA: Adinkra Symbol Statement Jewelry

"History has it that in the nineteenth century, there was a conflict between Adinkera, King of Gyaman (now Ivory Coast) and the Ashanti King, Nana Osei Bonsu-Panyin(Ghana). It is told that King Adinkera tried to duplicate the designs of the sacred GOLDEN STOOL(a unifying force of the Asante tribe). This got Nana Osei Bonsu-Panyin furious to the point of war against the Gyaman people. King Adinkera was defeated and killed and his battle cloth was stripped by the Asante as a trophy. Although There are different stories about the Adinkra , The people of Ghana and Ivory coast value its prints and meaning, and have come to unify its designs and meaningful art like the GYE NYAME (except for God) , Sankofar (Back to the roots), DUAFE(wooden comb) and many more…"

Find many Adinkra Symbol Statement Jewelry at Khepera Adornments, LLC. ~Be The Opposite Of Common.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

So What's In Your Recipe? Be Sure The Ingredients Give Life

Well it's June 4th, 2014, the day after my birthday, and often times it's the best time to reflect. Geminis tend to over-reflect if there is such a thing but a lot of pretty accurate conclusions come about when we do so.

When I ask the question, "So what's in your recipe?" I'm not necessarily speaking of a prepared dish of food. I actually pose this question as I have realized that in one's life, when decisions are made (socially, financially, spiritually, psychologically, health, relationships, etc.) they all amount to one's recipe for success, recipe for failure, recipe for longevity, and even a recipe for death. Now this may sound a bit morbid but it is actually quite realistic. When we make decisions in our lives they are leading to another set of circumstances; some that we can handle, and others we may not be able to cope with well if we did not plan...for the unexpected.

I'm sounding a bit ambiguous, I know. Maybe because I have had minimal sleep, but what I can be clear on, is that maintaining our composure and remaining positive in everything we do, will lead to more positive outcomes than negative. Many have heard the phrase that "stress can kill you". Well it's true, and unfortunately, I've seen it happen to people I know more than I would like to say. But what I also noticed that there seemed to be a common premise that went along with the way these people dealt with their stressful situations. There was a common thread, or recipe, if you will, that aided in them catapulting to their deaths... I noticed common elements of envy, strife, cruelty, dissatisfaction, stubbornness, lack of generosity, lack of integrity, untruths, inconsistency, irresponsibility and....selfishness.

I think I can say in confidence as one who diligently works towards operating in the opposite fashion of what I've examined, I am also able to determine when one demonstrates a pattern that would lead to such a horrid recipe for destruction. Moreover, if you are reading this and you can relate, as you have seen or know people like this....run, and run quickly from them. So sorry, but they are toxic. You don't want to see the outcome. And please do not try to be their savior. At the point in which they have stirred in all of their ingredients, they do not want your added seasonings.

Okay, so what's my point? Honestly, I'm only going to reiterate something that I say often that might be a little corny to some. But here it is:

1. Be kind to others.
2. Empathize with others situations. Recognize that there is a larger picture than what you are seeing.
3. Try your best to be patient.
4. Be thankful in all that you have. (I don't mean tangible possessions, but rather love from family and friends, relationship with a higher power, nature, etc.)
5. Be confident and accepting of yourself.
6. Be forgiving and don't hold grudges.
7. Respect others point of view even when it is not aligned with your own. You may still gain something from a different perspective.
8. Speak less, and listen more.

Give thanks to those things that you do have, and even more thankful to the things that you do not have. For those things that you do not have right now, are not needed now. Live in the moment, and enjoy each moment, (even when you are not your happiest) for joy is a constant and happiness is temporary. Should you select this type of recipe for your life, you are sure to see the greatest results.

You Are Uniquely & Brilliantly Adorned.

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Khepera Adornments, LLC Summer Jewellery Fashion 2014

Summer time is rapidly approaching. Be sure to add to your jewellery wardrobe, a collection of brilliant designs from Khepera Adornments, LLC. You are a unique individual, so be the opposite of common, and enjoy a discounted rate on selected designs. Use Coupon Code UNIQUE2014 Just click on to the Etsy icon over to the right.

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Turquoise Howlite Statement Jewelry By Khepera Adornments

Metaphysical Properties of Turquoise Howlite
Turquoise / Blue Howlite can aid the throat chakra, dream recall and enables the understanding of dreams. It can also assist astral travel during sleep. Howlite is a very calming stone. It is an excellent remedy for insomnia and is calming for overactive mind meaning that it can also be used as an aid for meditation. Howlite aids patience and removes rage and anger, including any anger directed towards its owner.

Physically Howlite is fantastic for insomnia, a piece placed under the pillow can aid sleep. Howlite can ensure balanced calcium levels in the body, can strengthen the bones, teeth and is also great for the soft tissues.

Mentally and Emotionally Howlite reinforces positive character traits and helps to conquer any tendencies of selfishness and criticism. Howlite helps to generate and achieve ambitions and can prepare the mind to accept wisdom and insights. It can calm unstable and chaotic emotions

Spiritually Howlite aids communication, increases awareness and can remove blockages. Howlite stills the mind making it a fantastic aid for meditation.

Where this lovely statement piece when clearly...you are setting the tone of your environment.

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bashy Rastafarian Coconut Earrings: A Taste Of The Caribbean 2014

Remember, The Rastafarian Fashion Statement Shall Never Go Out Of Style. It Just Gets Better With Time.

Wish to have a pair? Click Here

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Is 2014 A Bust? Or Are You Still Achieving Your Goals?

So how committed are you to truly realizing your dreams? At end of year, many of us have lists of to-dos for the coming year, that many of us like to call "new year's resolutions". Uuugh...I hate that terminology. I find that those who use it do very little to fulfill those things.

Since it is March and entering April, we shall soon be at a quarter mark of what we have promised ourselves that we were going to accomplish. Right now, exercise facilities and weight-loss programs are thinning out, as many have found....well...better things to do with their time. Who needs exercise anyway...right? --Wrong!

The truth of the matter is, whether we have set a fitness goal for ourselves, a financial goal, family-building, educational goal, etc., this is the make-or-break period of time, that either one will be on a steady pace or slacking. I attempted to to do a two-month check-in with many of my lovely Khepera Adornments Facebook crew to see how successful they have been..., and if one could hear crickets in cyber-space...it would be on that page at that time of questioning.

The good news is, that it is not too late to get started if you have not already. Maybe you just needed just a little bit more time to get acclimated to the new year.... What ever the excuse, start today.

I personally am working on a completely different structure on how I manage my finances. I've never been much of a big shopper (at least I didn't think so) until I really paid attention to the gaps where I had to ask the question...."Hey, where has my money gone?" Needless to say, I have catapulted in responsibility, particularly taking on the responsibility of building a small company, while thriving as a healthcare administrator in a large organization (that is very new to me.) Thus far...I don't get to see any sun light, and I stick my head out of the window from time-to-time just to get a little bit of oxygen. Okay, well it isn't that bad....but almost. I will definitely need to make time management next on my list of things to achieve.

So if you are finding yourself as a tad lethargic when it comes to getting motivated to achieve, here are five reminders of what to do to get started:

1. Identify those dreams and document your goals.

2. Focus on being positive even when you have to force yourself.There may be times that seem challenging, but just keep going.

3. Meditate and speak affirmations. This will help you develop the power and energy to achieve what you envision.

4. Include others in your goals by helping others. Generosity of self opens the doors to receiving what you desire.

5. Live a lifestyle that is in support of all aspects of you and your body as you pursue your goals.

I'll be back in August to check on you!

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Find Your Light - Tewogbola Tribal Cowrie Shell Earrings, Khepera Adornments, LLC

Tewogbola Tribal Earrings

Tewogbola is a Yoruba name meaning, "Stretch out your hands to receive wealth", which is appropriately titled to describe these mesmerizing tribal cowrie shell earrings. Designed with the most beautiful cowrie shell. These will definitely attract attention and draw in all that you desire. 4" length, gold plated lever-back ear-wires.Discover your unique taste and maximize your style...Find Your Light...

You Are Uniquely & Brilliantly Adorned.

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