Monday, October 6, 2014

Autumn 2014: A Transitional Season; What's Your Plan?

The Fall months have always been a great transitional time of year for me, as I like to make changes right along with the colors of the leaves changing. I believe it was right here on this blog last year for the Autumn season that I spoke of how even the insects make their own transition, where Summer insect leave us such as fireflies (lightening bugs) and some very creepy crawlers enter in like the retched stink-bug and the ladybug crosses our path.

I have decided to take on the task of once again....losing some weight and toning. This Summer I spent most of my time transitioning into a new position at work in addition to designing all of those great jewelry items you love to wear. Business has picked up tremendously and it is most appreciated. However I have not yet mastered how to duplicate my hands. Not quite ready for an apprentice just yet, but certainly open to the idea as my goals increase for Khepera Adornments.

An additional commitment I have is to increase my writing. I absolutely love it, yet it's the time, the time, the time. Yet I shall make this a personal goal.

So what are your transitional goals for the season. The count-down is here for 2014. Can you believe it?! So you better hop to it before Winter. Until next time...

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