Friday, August 7, 2015

Why It's Okay To Quit Your Job Abruptly And Be Free From Wage Slavery

By Abeni Bamidele

Okay, so in an effort to not have the police called on you, reconsider resigning from your job in the manner that the fellow in the photo above exhibits. However, you can certainly internally exude the same sentiment, and walk out with style and grace.

This is an article which discloses those reasons why it is perfectly fine for you to walk out of lousy conditions which don't help you grow, but rather stunt your growth, and potentially make you miserable.  While the intent is not to encourage you to burn bridges, specifically when you are in a key position, you wouldn't want to just leave an organization stranded.  Of course you have a better work ethic than that! But what I am telling you is, that when you've reached a point of no return, and the position is choking you...LEAVE. Do not wait for better days....they aren't coming. You've given chance after chance, and have even changed your own strategy in maintaining a positive perspective on what you have been encountering, yet the situation becomes worse as opposed to better...LEAVE. Save yourself. Save your value. Save your worth, and get from under those conditions that affect your psyche before those conditions make you sick.

When you find that even on a good day, when the sun is shining and your feeling full of life and energy, and you enter a job saturated with egotistical so-called leadership who very subtly de-value or attempt to demoralize you, it's time to go. That type of organizational structure cares nothing about its employees, and can quickly put off people with real talent, intelligence and ability. Moreover, institutional poor working conditions embedded in a culture of an organization would have leadership blinded to the realities of their wickedness, despite how many consultants they bring in to help their plight. Most organizations know when they are in a heap of trouble as it relates to its behavioral functioning, based on the patterns of response by its employees (the employee becomes nervous, they seek union representation, they become lethargic with low productivity, they call-out frequently, they become passive aggressive, or they simply resign).  So you as one innovative employee in a large conglomerate such as this, will not make great strides in changing the structure of an existing pandemic condition; particularly when a culture of abuse is the bedrock of the organization's daily operations.

Here Are 5 Myths About Quitting Your Job Abruptly:

1. You're going to die right after the resignation. The truth of the matter is, you will go home and either feel euphoric over your decision, or you will quickly ask yourself, "What the hell have I just done?" Either way, the point is, you will live through the initial shock of it all.

2. You're going to immediately plummet into the poor house. If you have thought even minimally about taking the giant leap and quitting your job, you already demonstrate a level of courageousness that will be transformed into the energy that is going to propel you to the next phase of your journey.

3. You will be the laughing stock of your family and friends. Well I would first advise that you only disclose this information to the people who really need to know it, like a spouse, or housemate, etc. Otherwise, this is YOUR decision and YOUR path to walk, which means it is not meant for everyone to know. So keep it to yourself and spare yourself from the ignorance of others.

4. You absolutely have to give "proper" notice before resigning. So what the hell does proper really mean? When you were being treated like cow dung, was this proper? Essentially I am stating to you that so-called proper notice is when one respectfully provides an organization with time to replace you. Your reward for this good behavior is that you get to receive the residue of time you may have accumulated in paid time off (PTO).... I'm telling you, that when you are fed up, you simply just wish to remove yourself from the arms of the abuse endured. TRUST ME, you will get more PTO in the future, and you will surely get more money. Giving notice of your plans to leave is a simple courtesy provided (within the working contract) to the company/organization, so that they can gather their thoughts in preparation for the planning of the future new employee that will potentially replace you.

5.  You will never get another job again. Big myth. While you may think that other employers won't take too kindly to your style of resignation, your capabilities and confidence will supersede an employers emphasis placed on your decision of a past experience. A "good" organization will appreciate your talent, and may even respect your decision, particularly if they are familiarized with the unsavory reputation of your previous employer.

Wage Slavery
According to Wikipedia, the term wage slavery is defined as, "a situation where a person's livelihood depends on wages or a salary, especially when the dependence is total and immediate. It is a pejorative term used to draw an analogy  between owning and renting a person."

WAGE SLAVERY: I know it sounds rather offensive, yet that is its intent. Quiet as it is kept, "poorly functioning" organizations (egotistical, self-serving leadership) gains great return (or at least they think that they do) on the mentality of the wage slave. The wage slave is forced to operate in a conformed robotic state; conditioned to expecting no more or no less than what the earnings the organization has decided to place upon them in terms of their value. Hence, the organization can now monopolize on its level of productivity it gets from the wage slave who has been conditioned to accepting maltreatment for the sake of keeping those paychecks rolling in. 

Now I'm not knocking working for someone else. I don't profess that everyone has an entrepreneurial spirit or tenacity to fulfill such a venture. However, I am encouraging you to recognize your own worth, and "overstand" that the company/organization that you work for is designed to be a relentless operating machine that needs its employees to perform its duties, whether feasible conditions or not. 

It's not personal. They just need you to get the job done. And if you've selected to associate yourself with one of those poorly functioning organizations previously described, they don't care about you, or how you get the job done. Just do it, even if it potentially makes you sick. After all...notice how your health insurance rates have been increasing. The place you work for is less willing to invest in your healthcare, as it recognizes that the levels of stress you may endure while working in suffocating conditions more than likely can/will challenge your health. But I digress....

A Must-Have Book With Proven Results

 One awesome book that I've found to be quite beneficial is titled, "How To Quit Your Day Job And Live Out Your Dreams: A Guide To Transforming Your Career", by Kenneth Atchity. While written in 2012,  the advice and information provided is both timeless and life-changing; so much so, that I've provided a link for purchase, so that you won't miss out in getting access to it. It's an easy-read and quite cost-effective!

In my own journey, from reading this book, I built more confidence, and realized my true purpose, which gave me the courage to step out and do what I absolutely love. Take my recommendation on this one. I find myself referring back to this book as a refresher, and gain new enlightenment every time I read.

Take A Look At This Video. You Are Not Alone In The Way You Feel About A Job Where The Leadership Is Blinded By Its Own Stupidity: Do Not Stay To The Point Of Sickness.

Final Thoughts:

1. LEAVE hostile abusive environments immediately.
2. Be kind to yourself.
3. Know your value and worth.
4. Do not fear new opportunities.
5. Believe in yourself, for what comes from your mind and spirit, through your hands and mouth is paramount to your overall success.

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Be well. You Are Uniquely And Brilliantly Adorned.