Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Featured Item: Statement Jewelry Sale At Khepera Adornments, LLC

Multi-Layered Long Colorful Beaded Statement Necklace - Multi-Color Maasai Inspired Long Layered Necklace - Statement Jewelry

Khepera Adornments is featuring this brilliantly designed statement necklace as the necklace of choice for the 2015 end-of-Summer sale item. It was brought back this year as it was popularly demanded. Now is the time for this design to graduate, as we move into the Fall Season. In lieu of appreciation to my customers, this item has been marked down to $26. And if you utilize the coupon code, a very lucky customer who reads this will receive an additional 10% off.

This is a brilliant piece, inspired by the magnificent adornments of the Maasai women. 
The Khepera Adornments Maasai Inspired Statement Neclace has 40 plus layers of beads, multicolored to compliment just about whatever you want it to. The longest strand is approx. 28-30" length. 


You Are Uniquely And Brilliantly Adorned.