Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I Live In This Box: Life Without Limits

I Live In This Box | Abeni Bamidele

Beware of the confined state of mind.

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25 Ways Of Becoming The Greatest Version Of Yourself?

Saturday, September 24, 2016

What Do You Do When Evil Is Amidst You?

What Do You Do When Evil Is Amidst You?
Abeni Bamidele

Nooo, this article is not in preparation for the upcoming Halloween er-um...celebration; if that's what you'd like to call it.  In fact, it isn't about that at all.

I am questioning how many of you out there can really feel the stench of evil when it has approached you? Do you know it's pattern? Do you know what it looks like? Can you see the signs of when it is coming? Do you know it's purpose for lurking about you, attempting to hug you in an effort to produce the spirit of fear?

Evil can approach anyone; good or bad. Particularly the good I would say. It would seem that when one has a positive outlook on life despite whatever circumstances come their way, and nothing will back them into a corner and make them curl up into the fetal position...those types of folk who persevere, remain resilient and never let people see them sweat, encounter the stench of evil more often than they would like to admit. Evil follows them in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, and during the midnight hour. Sounds like the corny lyrics to a reject love song.

If one of those good folks; those resilient ones told you how many times they encountered evil, you would either think they were making up a ridiculous tale, or you would simply view them as coo-coo-for-cocoa-puffs. Yet evil would have less purpose hanging around evil people. Just think about it. Wouldn't it be more enjoyable, more purposeful for the stench of evil to attempt to align itself with that which has no relation? 

Those that are evil, may not recognize evil but rather see it as a playground to frolic.

But for all the kind and caring people in the world, who work toward being the best versions of themselves each day...those are the ones that evil is most attracted to. Evil hopes to catch these folks off-guard and terrorize them in a way unimaginable to the average human brain's capacity.

Evil is cunning. It's sneaky, It has the ability to camouflage into virtually anything or anyone. Evil can be translucent or transparent. It can work in male or female form. Evil will smile at you and even laugh with you. But know that the mark of death is always branded on the body of evil...you just have to know where and how to find it.

For those unfortunate daft souls, evil does not hide its ugly face. It just leaps out and captures those that allow it to.

So How Will You Know When Evil Is Amidst You?

Aah, well now, you will have to pull out your gifts. In case you didn't know...we have psychic abilities. And those abilities will guide us through our lifetime. Yet if you have been indoctrinated into varied religious beliefs, chances are you may never use these gifts that were provided to you despite the fact that they were given to you, since the inception of your birth. I'll just say for now that religion has a way of teaching one to be fearful of everything, and can often deter one from cultivating such gifts, as curiosity of anything supernatural may plummit those religious folks into eternal damnation. But that's another story for another day.

Essentially I am telling you that the more you know about extra-sensory perception and the array of psychic abilities and recognize their power, the less likely you will be repeatedly attacked by the forces of evil. Now there are no guarantees here people, so don't go blaming me for your bouts of evil experiences that bopped you over the head when you least expected them to.

I endorse/promote these divine phenomenons as they have worked for me time and time again...and even more recently. It would be too complicated for me to describe to you the varied processes that go on within the body that helps one to determine when evil is amidst... But know that one can determine it through a combination of ways which would include historical accounts and experiences, coupled with growth spurts (lessons learned) and a deep esoteric knowing. Not to mention that the air is usually thick when evil is near. Physically, one may even experience heart palpatations or a knot in their stomach. And since eyes are the windows of the soul, surely evil can rear its ugly head within a person's pupils or through their facial expressions or grimace. Discernment shall pave the way in the utilization of your psychic abilities that will aid in your ability to ward off evil or eradicate those evil circumstances all together.

Oh, and it also would also probably be beneficial to invest in ongoing spritual work through divination.

Always remember: You Are Uniquely and Brilliantly Adorned.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

La France Antique & Vintage Shop in Ybor City, Tampa, Florida

While in Florida Dad and I decided to take a little shopping trip so that he can purchase a hat. He purchases hats all over the world. Here, you will see that we visited La France, a lovely shop in Ybor City, Tampa Florida. Should you ever be in the vicinity, you must take a visit and purchase something! Info on shop below!

La France Vintage Shop has clothing, accessories and specialty pieces that date back to the 1700's.

La France
1612 E 7th Ave
Tampa, FL 33605
(813) 248-1381

My Dad and I paid a visit to the shop. He purchased a brand new Stetson hat. Check out our visit on Youtube!

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Monday, September 12, 2016

How To Maintain Exuberance At Any Age

  1. the quality of being full of energy, excitement, and cheerfulness; ebullience.
    "a sense of youthful exuberance"
    • the quality of growing profusely; luxuriance.
      "houseplants growing with wild exuberance"

  2. How To Be Exuberant At Any Age 

  3.  As women, we have to be ever aware of the aging process even when we are young. Societal "myths" would have us to believe that as we get older, we are finished. But that just isn't so. Reinventing ourselves keeps us youthful and exuberant. Join me now, as I talk about the varied stages of thought we have as women regarding beauty standards, as I share my story of my own experiences.
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Abeni Bamidele


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Saturday, September 10, 2016

I Feel Like A Blob When I Wake Up!

I Feel Like A Blob When I Wake Up!

Be careful what you ask for, you're body will grant you your wishes while you are sleeping. Ever feel like a blob when you wake up? That's because you are doing things that make you feel like a blob. Let's work together in changing this dynamic!

First Off...Check out my video where I talk about feeling like a blob when I wake up and what to do about it to change the dynamics!


                             20 Tips To Help You Lose Weight
  1. First thing in the morning drink 1 cup of warm water with lemon
    Drink lots of water throughout the day and with all meals
  2. Drink lots of green Tea (in morning: has natural caffeine) and eliminate all juice (except natural pomegranate juice), diet and regular soft drinks. Drink only 1 cup  of coffee a day)
  3. Never ever eat sugar, this also means nothing white (no white Pasta, bread or potatoes (nothing processed, also known as “eating clean”)
  4. Eat whole foods (includes whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread. Read labels, companies put white flour in and call it whole wheat)
  5. Eat all the vegetables you want (limit carrot sticks)
  6. Eat 5 small meals a day (This includes snacks) 
  7. Do not eat anything after 7PM
  8. Eat mostly lean protein & limit bad carbohydrates (absolutely no chips, popcorn, cookies, cake etc. no junk food) 
  9. Eat only 1 fruit a day, and before 12 noon. (Eat fruit from berry family: Blueberries, strawberries, cranberries)
  10. Eat the good fat (olive oil, fish oil, flax seed oil or seed)
  11.  Get 8 hours sleep 
  12. Minimize stress to minimize stress hormones (and reduce abdominal fat)
  13. Snack on a small amount of almonds (5 at a time) throughout the day (4 times a day maximum)
  14. Never weigh yourself (judge progress by clothing size, inch loss, only)
  15. Write a food diary every day to stay on track
  16. Write a food diary every day to stay on track
  17. Eat low fat dairy products such as plain yogurt, cottage cheese, skim milk. (No solid cheeses)
  18. Read labels. Look for no or low sugar grams, no trans fat and only whole wheat.
  19. Take a good quality multi vitamin/mineral a day
  20. Never go on a restrictive diet or on a program diet (They only  serve to mess with your metabolism and eventually make you gain more weight, in the long run.) To maintain a good weight and toned body requires a lifestyle change, not a fad diet or program. 

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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Check Out Khepera Adornments, LLC Jewelry Spotlights!

Check Out Khepera Adornments, LLC Jewelry Spotlights!





Saturday, September 3, 2016

I Took Collagen For A Month, Find Out What I Discovered!

So I took Collagen for a month. Find out the benefits I already discovered in just this short period of time. Oh yes, and as an added bonus, I talk about what we should be doing for the next four months.

One Morning Routine... Chit Chat And Rambling


I Am Terrified By New Information! What Do I Do?

I Am Terrified By New Information!

Many people become immediately defensive when they feel as if they have been threatened in some way. I've observed that this particularly occurs when the person is being taught something that they did not know. --One option to improve upon such insecurity is to embrace the information, without attaching negative emotions when receiving.
When one exposes one's self to experiences (broadening their perspective) they minimize the need for the ego to be threatened. Self-affirmations are helpful as well.
The purpose of affirmation is to place a command from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind has this ability, to accept it as true, and will do whatever it takes to turn it into reality. The affirmation passes a message to the subconscious mind, and allows it to believe the message is true.

So How Do Affirmations Work?

1. The affirmation must be believable to the subconscious mind
2. The subconscious mind seeks for proof
3. The affirmation must trigger feeling, then action.

Ultimately, more confidence is gained, with a reduction of feelings of inferiority, insecurity, and a need to become defensive.

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