Friday, June 28, 2013

Celebrate Your Progress: The Small Successes Are Your Largest Ones

The idea of starting something new can always be overwhelming, especially when finding out the immense financial and legal responsibilities. (Coupled with people's two-cent comments from time to time...) But should this deter you? Certainly not. One only lives once (at least in this formation...) And now is the time for you to find out what you are truly made of.

Take periods of time to be silent and meditate. Shift your thinking when you are making an extensive transition in your life for the sake of your own advancement. Watch the magnificent results, and share your successes with loved ones.

It's no wonder it is raining frequently these days...the Earth is cleaning itself, so why not follow suit, and clean along with it. Wash away negativity and myopic thinking from toxic people.

Have a party with yourself. Embrace yourself, and give tremendous thanks to the omnipotent spirit that resides within you. Your soul is smiling!

Now let's dance!

You Are Uniquely And Brilliantly Adorned.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Capiz Shells: An Elegant Natural Resource

The Capiz is the outer shell of a marine mollusk, and can be found in the shallow coastal waters of the Philippines. Capiz shells are also known as windowpane oyster. Empty shells are soaked in freshwater and then scraped to produce the desired luster.

Capiz shells are more frequently seen made into lampshades, tablewares, windchimes, chandeliers, candle holders, jewelries and other decorative objects. Crafters such as interior designers, architects and developers are focusing more on natural materials because of their elegant and unique appeal.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

There's ALWAYS That One Person That Makes You Have To Say...

You know this may sound a little abrupt, and trust me, I don't mind, but sometimes people just don't wish to hear your dam_ complaints. We've all got issues to deal with. And often times, we are generous with a listening ear, and will even give some feedback from time to time. Nine times out of ten, you don't take the advice anyway which becomes a massive waste of time for us, when we could have been for that moment grooving to the vibe of something quite nice. Then here you come along, tryin' to rob us of our harmony, order and balance. You carry a vampire spirit in your back pocket, and you pull it out, as soon as you see that someone is experiencing joy. Why don't you just shi__ or just get off of the pot? I mean really... We're all putting our boxing gloves on and fighting to thrive in this wicked environment, and we're making it! So why-don't-you?

Then you too will be,

Uniquely and Brilliantly Adorned

Friday, June 7, 2013

Khepera Adornments, LLC - Your Online Shop For Unique Jewelry And Accessories

Khepera Adornments serves to provide you with an array of hand-crafted adornments and alluring accessories that will inspire you to re-invent yourself and "to become" (kheperer). We serve to supply you with a variety of natural health emollients and information that aid in proactive care for one's self, so that your presence is at its very best. Since the Khepera, symbolic to the scarab beetle is said to hold the attributes of self-generation and self-renewal, it is most fitting that Khepera Adornments advocates for your overall well-being and beauty. Allow us to partake on your journey, as we provide you with distinct opportunities to look and feel rejuvenated.

Khepera Adornments takes a wholistic approach to beauty, divine presence and natural health care needs. We believe that a sound mind and body must be replenished regularly in order to supersede expectations. Our mission is to provide you with a wealth of beneficial products and services that will surely energize your spirit and maximize your ability to attract all that you desire and deserve. Together, we are brilliant. We are One.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Do You Worship The RACISM DEITY?

As divine melanated beings, we should be at a point that we have the ability to elevate to the extent that our emotions have subsided; that we recognize the supreme beings that we are, and focus our divine energy on increasing our brain matter. "Racism" is no longer a social problem, but rather an entity that HUMANS have grown and nurtured since the inception of OUR decision to operate in a lower frequency. And every time we worship this deity it becomes stronger. Whether we are for the deity Racism, or we are against the deity Racism...both sets of HUMANS send energy fields to this entity. The deity Racism can either make one to feel psuedo-supreme OR make one to feel victimized, rejected, angry, or even empowered.

Deity Racism gives back to those who make offerings to it. For it or against it, deity Racism feeds and regurgitates. So when we state "Stop Racism", it is a phrase that bares no weight to the Universe. It can not compute this. HUMANS created this deity. It is a strong force to be reckoned with, and no small nor large physical effort, no marches, no freedom songs, no pickets, no threats, no submissions and no assimilation will penetrate the essence of this deity.

The immortal being within must come to fruition TODAY. The Universe is capturing the data. What messages are you sending out?

You may say, “Oh but I’ll never forget…I can’t forget what they have done to me; my people” Fine. But know that each present day and moment that is focused on your past is your present. And when one lives in the past, they live in a death-state of being. The present never comes, and the physical life-span diminishes rapidly.

Part II of the 21st Century is here (2012-2100). Marcus Mosiah Garvey stated “Up! You mighty race, you can accomplish what you will.” I believe he means to elevate and not fixate.

Diffuse the human developed deity.
Give back your human rights to those weaker forces that handed them to you. And command your immortality. You are a Galactic Being. Now be it!

Recognizing the
Conscience and
Intelligence; the

A tad controversial, I know, but you can handle it. Ya heard?

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The Power Of Words, Being Mindful

Every single time words in formation of sentences are uttered out of our mouths, and even when one word expressions are stated aloud, we are sending out vibrations into the Universe. These vibrations generate a positive or negative frequency which transmit messages out into this Universe. Both the Earth and ourselves are affected by those utterances. The effects will be positive or negative, with no in between.

And each and every time we hide behind our computers, ipads, cell phones, and all other communication devices that enable us to communicate into cyberspace, we are STILL voicing utterances into the Universe starting with the utilization of our hearts that produce a passion to speak; our minds that hold the key to those utterances, and our fingers which tap away...EGOTISTICALLY voicing what we THINK someone else either has to know, wants to know, or should know.

With that being said, take into consideration that just because we have tucked ourselves away, behind the cyber facade, those words are still calculated into this Divine Universe. And each and every utterance induces consequences to our thoughts that are spoken so silently...........

Be careful what you think about, and mindful with what you say.... as NO ONE is exempt from the power of their own words.

Ya feel me?

You Are Uniquely And Brilliantly Adorned.

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Sunday, June 2, 2013


At the eve of my precious Earth-day, I thought that I would be brutally honest with you, and hope that some of you can relate to what I have to say...

Have you ever looked in the mirror at yourself and said..."Uuuugh,good've got to do better than this...!" Most will not admit to such a statement, but I can tell you...I've been there, and have made this statement.

You know, since the inception of social media, it has afforded us with the opportunity to post EVERY picture of ourselves with a smile on our face to provide the illusion that everything is fantastic all of the time. And we will look at people's photos and may even say..."You know...Karen, or Mike sure look good...nothing seems to affect them..."

But you know, that may not necessarily be the case. I'm not saying that you should post photos of yourself in tears, agony or anger to keep it more realistic. I am just making the point that everyone has their....stuff. The crap they have to deal with in everyday life that attempts to put a damper on your day-to-day experiences.

So does misery love company? For some, it does, and that is just plain unfortunate for the ones that seek out another person's suffering, to validate that their own crap. "Well at least my 'stuff' isn't as bad as Gina's or Kevin's..." Now you do know that people live by such....."standards".

The good news is, in the midst of our challenges, turmoil, or down-right suffering, with a healthy perspective on life, we know that such challenge can be utilized as a means to strengthen our ability to handle situations, and to be thankful that what we have to endure can actually propel us in a direction that will inspire us to succeed.

Mark my words, if you pay close attention to those interruptions in life that cause you a bit of distress, and find the lessons within it, surely your character will be built, and you can walk in confidence knowing that you are prepared for the next level of magnificence that is coming your way, after graduating from your somewhat shotty experience.

So the next time you see a smiling face on social network forums...know that the person you are looking at is enduring the same "human" type experiences that you are. Moreover, should you know them personally...don't hesitate to be there for them; comfort them and encourage them, so that they too may excel to the next level of experiences...and their photo won't look so artificial, but rather both of you will know that the smile that you are looking at is a result of triumph, and not just a phony image projected.

It's my birthday, so you know, I gotta share a song. ;-)

As always,

You Are Uniquely And Brilliantly Adorned.


ANGER... Leave It Alone.

Get A Handle On Your Emotions

ANGER is not your friend, as it can rob you of rational thinking and the ability to progress. Anger can be utilized as a meaningful yet temporary tool to propel you in a specific direction. Often times, people overexert this emotion, which will leave them in a state of stagnation. So it is best to leave it alone if it will over-power you.

To be HAPPY is no better, as its true definition means to be obsessive, compulsive, or in a stupified state; dazed and irresponsible. Do away with this emotion quickly, should you have the propensity to become fixated.

It is best to be BALANCED. Neither internal, nor external stimuli sway you, nor effect you in such a way, that they potentially pull you in a direction that you may have had no intention on going. Some elements of remaining balanced:

*Plan....................Then, Proceed.

In the days to come, stay FOCUSED and remain BALANCED. I can assure you, that when you've mastered this discipline, you will know that the "Commander-in-Chief" for your life is yourself.

So be about it.

And remember,

You Are Uniquely And Brilliantly Adorned.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Protect The Mind From Sorrow

Sadness Has A Temporary Purpose. Its Emotionalism Can Be Necessary, And Is Symbolic To One Differentiating Between The Expected Vs. The Unexpected. Yet The Moment Such Emotionalism Exceeds Its Universal Projected Time, And Sadness Begins To Replicate Itself, Emotional Damage Is Developed, Causing Sadness To Mutate Into Sorrow; A Deep Distress Causing One To Psychologically Suffer.

It Is Best To Recognize Your Affective State Of Consciousness, And Your Emotional Limitations, So That You May Use Them Accordingly, While Avoiding Replication.

Protect And Strengthen Your Mind.

You Are Uniquely And Brilliantly Adorned.


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You Are Uniquely And Brilliantly Adorned.