Sunday, June 2, 2013

ANGER... Leave It Alone.

Get A Handle On Your Emotions

ANGER is not your friend, as it can rob you of rational thinking and the ability to progress. Anger can be utilized as a meaningful yet temporary tool to propel you in a specific direction. Often times, people overexert this emotion, which will leave them in a state of stagnation. So it is best to leave it alone if it will over-power you.

To be HAPPY is no better, as its true definition means to be obsessive, compulsive, or in a stupified state; dazed and irresponsible. Do away with this emotion quickly, should you have the propensity to become fixated.

It is best to be BALANCED. Neither internal, nor external stimuli sway you, nor effect you in such a way, that they potentially pull you in a direction that you may have had no intention on going. Some elements of remaining balanced:

*Plan....................Then, Proceed.

In the days to come, stay FOCUSED and remain BALANCED. I can assure you, that when you've mastered this discipline, you will know that the "Commander-in-Chief" for your life is yourself.

So be about it.

And remember,

You Are Uniquely And Brilliantly Adorned.