Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Power Of Words, Being Mindful

Every single time words in formation of sentences are uttered out of our mouths, and even when one word expressions are stated aloud, we are sending out vibrations into the Universe. These vibrations generate a positive or negative frequency which transmit messages out into this Universe. Both the Earth and ourselves are affected by those utterances. The effects will be positive or negative, with no in between.

And each and every time we hide behind our computers, ipads, cell phones, and all other communication devices that enable us to communicate into cyberspace, we are STILL voicing utterances into the Universe starting with the utilization of our hearts that produce a passion to speak; our minds that hold the key to those utterances, and our fingers which tap away...EGOTISTICALLY voicing what we THINK someone else either has to know, wants to know, or should know.

With that being said, take into consideration that just because we have tucked ourselves away, behind the cyber facade, those words are still calculated into this Divine Universe. And each and every utterance induces consequences to our thoughts that are spoken so silently...........

Be careful what you think about, and mindful with what you say.... as NO ONE is exempt from the power of their own words.

Ya feel me?

You Are Uniquely And Brilliantly Adorned.

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