Saturday, March 14, 2015

Thou Shalt Not Covet That Which Is Common: The ONLY Commandment

    Be The Opposite Of Common.

You owe it to yourself to release from the clutches of the mundane. The moment you look over your shoulder and desire that which you have just viewed, you are committing yourself to being enslaved by the influences of stimuli (people, places, things, smells, sounds).

Now certainly, one can not help but to be subjected to or influenced by what we see and experience. It is a part of the growth process. But what happens to us when we then become fixated on what others have forced us to ascribe to? As you already know, the media is the primary source (the beast) that programs us to eradicate all possibilities to think for ourselves.

We must look the way we are told. We must eat what is given to us. We must believe in that which is said to us, be it fact or fiction. We must not question anything, but rather maintain the status quo at all times. When everyone goes left, do not go right. When straight hair is in, never wear a curl. When the good Dr. Doolittle prescribes you a pill, believe that you are sick and he'll tell you when you are better. This epidemic of numb skull operating can quickly transform the mind to mush; a dumbing down of sorts, that is quite meticulously calculated. To think of it all, brings forth an appropriate title of what is transpiring: "Cloned In The New World Order". Now if in fact folks, this is a title of a best seller, my apologies for giving no credit where it is due. But I shall offer it to those that wish to use it for a nominal fee. (Just kidding folks...) Surely, I digress.

So why do this to ourselves? Why commit to severing ties with our authentic selves? Do we not know this is called "MADNESS"?

In an effort to minimize opportunity to lash out towards those who have not yet been enlightened, rather than punish, 'tis best to share food for opportunities to think and make "rational" decisions for ones-self. 

Here are a few definitions of the word "Common": (Varied sources, Merriam-Webster, Collins)

1. Characterized by a lack of privilege or special status.
2. Falling below ordinary standards: second-rate.
3. Lacking refinement.
4.  Of mediocre or inferior quality.  
5.  Representing one or all of the members of a class; not designating a unique entity.

Synonyms of "Common": 

Ordinary, Plain, Familiar,
Popular, Vulgar, Humdrum
Monotonous, Mediocre, Stereotyped
Colloquial and Typical to name a few............

Doesn't sound so interesting does it? It leads me to question.......Hmmm....



My brethren here is such a handsome dude, but why on Earth would he name himself "Common"? Does he not know that he is a public figure that influences others to be what they see...?
He couldn't possibly. Otherwise, he would change that...right? (...Sigh...)

Disclaimer: There are no conspiracies of thought evidenced as it relates to this entertainer. 

The truth is, that (mostly) everyone is a unique and beautiful gift to this Universe. But don't just believe this because I said it. Test, try and confirm, all that you wish to believe in. 

But whatever you do, don't conform. Fight the good fight to be original. (Origin: The point or place where something begins, arises, or is derived.) Be not swayed by the winds of common societal influences (cankerworms), for they will eat away at your natural birthright to be free, and to create new ideas and possibilities.

You Are Uniquely & Brilliantly Adorned. So Please:

Be The Opposite Of Common.
Khepera Adornments, LLC

Let's not leave a brotha hangin'...Let's hear it for Common, Badu, Q-Tip (Push the Button)


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