Sunday, June 22, 2014

Six Months Completion 2014: Have You Relaxed?

Serenity is the key to creativity. Find your meditative space to create. As I design jewellery, there is nothing like taking in the breeze and listening to birds chirping. It is as if they were speaking to me; reminding me that we are collectively One with nature. This is my sacred space.

If you don't currently have a sacred space...Get one, right away and bask in it.

You Are Uniquely & Brilliantly Adorned.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Add A Burst Of Color To Summer 2014 ~ Khepera Adornments

You never have to have a dull moment this Summer. Add a burst of color to your attire. It will keep you young and vibrant no matter what age. You Are Uniquely & Brilliantly Adorned.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

SANKOFA: Adinkra Symbol Statement Jewelry

"History has it that in the nineteenth century, there was a conflict between Adinkera, King of Gyaman (now Ivory Coast) and the Ashanti King, Nana Osei Bonsu-Panyin(Ghana). It is told that King Adinkera tried to duplicate the designs of the sacred GOLDEN STOOL(a unifying force of the Asante tribe). This got Nana Osei Bonsu-Panyin furious to the point of war against the Gyaman people. King Adinkera was defeated and killed and his battle cloth was stripped by the Asante as a trophy. Although There are different stories about the Adinkra , The people of Ghana and Ivory coast value its prints and meaning, and have come to unify its designs and meaningful art like the GYE NYAME (except for God) , Sankofar (Back to the roots), DUAFE(wooden comb) and many more…"

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

So What's In Your Recipe? Be Sure The Ingredients Give Life

Well it's June 4th, 2014, the day after my birthday, and often times it's the best time to reflect. Geminis tend to over-reflect if there is such a thing but a lot of pretty accurate conclusions come about when we do so.

When I ask the question, "So what's in your recipe?" I'm not necessarily speaking of a prepared dish of food. I actually pose this question as I have realized that in one's life, when decisions are made (socially, financially, spiritually, psychologically, health, relationships, etc.) they all amount to one's recipe for success, recipe for failure, recipe for longevity, and even a recipe for death. Now this may sound a bit morbid but it is actually quite realistic. When we make decisions in our lives they are leading to another set of circumstances; some that we can handle, and others we may not be able to cope with well if we did not plan...for the unexpected.

I'm sounding a bit ambiguous, I know. Maybe because I have had minimal sleep, but what I can be clear on, is that maintaining our composure and remaining positive in everything we do, will lead to more positive outcomes than negative. Many have heard the phrase that "stress can kill you". Well it's true, and unfortunately, I've seen it happen to people I know more than I would like to say. But what I also noticed that there seemed to be a common premise that went along with the way these people dealt with their stressful situations. There was a common thread, or recipe, if you will, that aided in them catapulting to their deaths... I noticed common elements of envy, strife, cruelty, dissatisfaction, stubbornness, lack of generosity, lack of integrity, untruths, inconsistency, irresponsibility and....selfishness.

I think I can say in confidence as one who diligently works towards operating in the opposite fashion of what I've examined, I am also able to determine when one demonstrates a pattern that would lead to such a horrid recipe for destruction. Moreover, if you are reading this and you can relate, as you have seen or know people like, and run quickly from them. So sorry, but they are toxic. You don't want to see the outcome. And please do not try to be their savior. At the point in which they have stirred in all of their ingredients, they do not want your added seasonings.

Okay, so what's my point? Honestly, I'm only going to reiterate something that I say often that might be a little corny to some. But here it is:

1. Be kind to others.
2. Empathize with others situations. Recognize that there is a larger picture than what you are seeing.
3. Try your best to be patient.
4. Be thankful in all that you have. (I don't mean tangible possessions, but rather love from family and friends, relationship with a higher power, nature, etc.)
5. Be confident and accepting of yourself.
6. Be forgiving and don't hold grudges.
7. Respect others point of view even when it is not aligned with your own. You may still gain something from a different perspective.
8. Speak less, and listen more.

Give thanks to those things that you do have, and even more thankful to the things that you do not have. For those things that you do not have right now, are not needed now. Live in the moment, and enjoy each moment, (even when you are not your happiest) for joy is a constant and happiness is temporary. Should you select this type of recipe for your life, you are sure to see the greatest results.

You Are Uniquely & Brilliantly Adorned.

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