Tuesday, June 17, 2014

SANKOFA: Adinkra Symbol Statement Jewelry

"History has it that in the nineteenth century, there was a conflict between Adinkera, King of Gyaman (now Ivory Coast) and the Ashanti King, Nana Osei Bonsu-Panyin(Ghana). It is told that King Adinkera tried to duplicate the designs of the sacred GOLDEN STOOL(a unifying force of the Asante tribe). This got Nana Osei Bonsu-Panyin furious to the point of war against the Gyaman people. King Adinkera was defeated and killed and his battle cloth was stripped by the Asante as a trophy. Although There are different stories about the Adinkra , The people of Ghana and Ivory coast value its prints and meaning, and have come to unify its designs and meaningful art like the GYE NYAME (except for God) , Sankofar (Back to the roots), DUAFE(wooden comb) and many more…"

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