Saturday, May 16, 2015

Set Yourself Apart From The Ordinary: Be The Opposite Of Common

Let's face it. Everyone looking the same is absolutely boring to me. People ascribing to one look, one demeanor, one persona, one such the American way. By force, within stores, buyers select specific styles based on trends that may have absolutely nothing to do with you or your personality-type. Yet you may make a purchase feeling under duress....knowing that those pants don't work for you, those jeans have rips and tears when you may simply want to look sexy but not sleazy (for example).

If you don't already know, fashion and style really comes from within. It is a representation based on the core of your being; your essence. So the key is to be sure to know who you are. And even when you find that you are "different", stand your ground. Make the effort to seek out the clothing and jewelry items that suit you best...even if you have to learn how to sew, design jewelry, or find alternative boutiques that speak to your taste.

Do not conform to the ordinary. Rebel against that which will have you looking like everyone else. Take time out to learn your likes and dislikes as a whole from food to people as well. Say no, if your gut is telling you to do so. Remove yourself from environments that create discomfort for you. Minimize activity that pushes you in a direction opposite of what you intended. Find joy in alone time and getting to know the authentic you. Remain confident in the midst of your journey. Being a tad edgy is always inviting. Embrace your discoveries and above all: Be The Opposite Of Common.

You Are Uniquely And Brilliantly Adorned.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Exceptionalism Supersedes Emotionalism: Cultivating Mental Agility

You See..., When You Know Who You Are, You Operate 

Within The Divine Frequency; Unaffected By Inferior 

Energy. No Anger, No Envy, No Chatter...No 

Emotionalism. A Galactic Being. ~ AB

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