Wednesday, June 12, 2013

There's ALWAYS That One Person That Makes You Have To Say...

You know this may sound a little abrupt, and trust me, I don't mind, but sometimes people just don't wish to hear your dam_ complaints. We've all got issues to deal with. And often times, we are generous with a listening ear, and will even give some feedback from time to time. Nine times out of ten, you don't take the advice anyway which becomes a massive waste of time for us, when we could have been for that moment grooving to the vibe of something quite nice. Then here you come along, tryin' to rob us of our harmony, order and balance. You carry a vampire spirit in your back pocket, and you pull it out, as soon as you see that someone is experiencing joy. Why don't you just shi__ or just get off of the pot? I mean really... We're all putting our boxing gloves on and fighting to thrive in this wicked environment, and we're making it! So why-don't-you?

Then you too will be,

Uniquely and Brilliantly Adorned