Monday, August 10, 2015

Building Relationships: 5 Reasons Why Some Men Make Assumptions About All Women

HIM: "I knew you were like all the rest. That's why I treat you the way that I do." HER: "If only you would stop making assumptions, listen and get to know me..."

**This is an article that could very well apply to the relational predicaments of men and women outside of the U.S., however is directed to the plight of Americanized relationships, where anything goes. Meaning: There are no authentic definitions or education of relationships that are practiced from a cultural perspective, but based on each person's observation, guess-work, and previous experiences learned and taught by both parties. It makes for an interesting topic, as they get themselves into all sorts of entangled situations for lack of a cultural structure.**

Ladies, have you ever dated or encountered a man who seems to consistently make assumptions of women? No, there's no authentic getting to know you process. No time taken to appreciate your individuality. No efforts to listen or receive enlightenment or information. All you experience from him is assumptions based on his previous experiences...

Here is one quick solution to avoiding such encounters....Run quickly! But before you do, read the top five reasons (from my perspective, of course) why men make assumptions about women without ever getting to know them.


1. There is a hidden agenda: Many times this type of man will conjure his own box he wishes to place women and their personality-types in. This is due to his having a specific agenda in mind for the sole purpose of satisfying something that he wants from the woman. He doesn't really wish to get to know her, for that would be too much time spent, before getting to the gist of his purpose.

2. He has an overall limited perspective: Assumptions aren't just made with women he is in relationship, but rather lack the educational where-with-all to gain a world view on a variety of concerns in his life. This type of operation, makes for a very challenged lifestyle, and certainly he will have challenges in relationships with others.

3. Narcissism, Narcissism, Narcissism: Hey, this simply means that your date, counterpart or colleague bluntly has a level of arrogance that supersedes his need to have empathy for you. He also requires on-going admiration, so when you don't give it to him just when he needs it (which is constantly) you are automatically placed on his poop-list. At that point, more than likely, he's going to make assumptions about you without finding out your truth.

4. Insecurity and Inferiority: Yes, your strapping man before you may very well be extremely insecure. Based on his insecurity, he may very well project his deficiencies onto you in an effort to disguise how may be really feeling about himself. This is extremely evident when he has encountered a confident woman who is self-assured. This just makes him feel even worst about himself, and will become passive-aggressive and....make assumptions.

5. Law of Attraction In Full Effect: This guy may have an overall fear of the type of woman he does not want. He may speak negatively about women often to his friends, or even internally obsess over how bad he thinks women are. Consequently he brings that energy to him every single time. So if he states for example, that "all women cheat", he will then attract the energies of a uugh "wayward woman". Now if that is all he brings to him, you can best believe he will make assumptions of all women, as he has not encountered who he really does want.

MEN: Before you go getting your boxer trunks in a bunch, I recognize that these characteristics apply to women as well. But can I talk to the ladies for a moment please?

Just for kicks and giggles, I'm attaching a link to a blog article from a man's perspective titled:
6 Signs A Man Is Ready To Commit This doesn't mean that this info is the be-all, is-all guide to relationships, but it can surely provide you with another point of view.

Ladies....Now you can run for the hills! There are great guys out there. Don't get fixated on the duds.

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