Thursday, August 20, 2015

Your Body As An Instrument: Has Human Beatboxing Made A Come-Back? Who Said It Ever Left!

The Original Human Beat Box, Doug E. Fresh
Photo above shows the artistically self-proclaimed original human beat box artist Doug E. Fresh. The artist is Barbados born, whose single "The Show/La Di Da Di" caught the attention of many future beatboxers.

I can remember the days of going to concerts where he was featured and the crowd was hyped, anticipating the tribal methodology of percussion made through his voice, mouth, tongue and lips.

Human beatboxing is greatly connected and embedded in hip-hop culture. It can also be referred to as vocal percussion. The genius in this art form is one must literally internally hear the rhythm even before it has even been expressed outwardly.

Examples of additional vocal percussion artists would be Biz Markie who still lights up the crowd, Al Jarreau, Bobby McFerrin and even Michael Jackson in much of his music, just to name a few.

I just recently discovered a video that I absolutely could not stop playing over and over again. This dynamic father-daughter duo Mentor & Apprentice (daughter Nicole Harris) surely have made a name for themselves, as their video has gone viral on social media.

                                                                  Watch This!


As if that were not enough....They had to go one more round of competition:


There is an increase in the variety in which beatboxing is utilized throughout musical culture. People have creatively added beatboxing in with different instruments to create a completely different sound unlike any other.

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