Saturday, November 22, 2014

Expeditious Change: When The Universe Can't Wait For Your Pace

This is a beautiful scenery of color, nature and even wonderment, but the dynamics if one truly pays attention are giving a message to us, that processes are moving faster. Will you be ready for the change?

Here we have a mixture of Autumn and Winter combined. Autumn often represents the beauty of Summer's history; the idea that foliage is gradually depleting in a most magnificent and beautiful way. A grand symbol of nature's higher intelligence which speaks to us, and tells us that there is a shift in the Universe, and that it is time to change.

But what if we miss some of the gradual signs of change, when suddenly Autumn pokes elements of Winter? Do we idly sit enamored by its dichotomy? Do we become agitated as we were not quite finished sporting our new Fall line of clothing? What exactly should we make of this rapid dynamic?

Well I suggest to you to examine how nature is telling us to step up the pace of our transitions and seat ourselves promptly within the next dimensions of our existence here on Earth. Ever notice a time in your life when you were expected to pick up the pace to get something done right away? It's quite an uncomfortable feeling. Let's say you applied for a new position and set the appointment for interview at the perfect time. Your suit looks good, your shoes are shining, your answers are prepared, and you have at least a few hours to prep yourself on the organization's mission statement and strategic plans. And suddenly you receive a call stating that you've been asked to drop everything and show up within the next half hour, as the CEO would like to perform an initial screening with you before you submit yourself before a panel of interviewers. How would this make you feel? Your heart is pumping faster, the adrenaline is moving through your body quickly, and you can either have a fight or flight response to the situation at hand. At that very moment, Autumn turns to Winter and you must be prepared. If you make your way through the opportunity successfully, your scenery will be beautiful.

I implore you to pick up the pace and recognize that expeditious change isn't's here. What will you do in it?

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