Saturday, March 22, 2014

Is 2014 A Bust? Or Are You Still Achieving Your Goals?

So how committed are you to truly realizing your dreams? At end of year, many of us have lists of to-dos for the coming year, that many of us like to call "new year's resolutions". Uuugh...I hate that terminology. I find that those who use it do very little to fulfill those things.

Since it is March and entering April, we shall soon be at a quarter mark of what we have promised ourselves that we were going to accomplish. Right now, exercise facilities and weight-loss programs are thinning out, as many have found....well...better things to do with their time. Who needs exercise anyway...right? --Wrong!

The truth of the matter is, whether we have set a fitness goal for ourselves, a financial goal, family-building, educational goal, etc., this is the make-or-break period of time, that either one will be on a steady pace or slacking. I attempted to to do a two-month check-in with many of my lovely Khepera Adornments Facebook crew to see how successful they have been..., and if one could hear crickets in would be on that page at that time of questioning.

The good news is, that it is not too late to get started if you have not already. Maybe you just needed just a little bit more time to get acclimated to the new year.... What ever the excuse, start today.

I personally am working on a completely different structure on how I manage my finances. I've never been much of a big shopper (at least I didn't think so) until I really paid attention to the gaps where I had to ask the question...."Hey, where has my money gone?" Needless to say, I have catapulted in responsibility, particularly taking on the responsibility of building a small company, while thriving as a healthcare administrator in a large organization (that is very new to me.) Thus far...I don't get to see any sun light, and I stick my head out of the window from time-to-time just to get a little bit of oxygen. Okay, well it isn't that bad....but almost. I will definitely need to make time management next on my list of things to achieve.

So if you are finding yourself as a tad lethargic when it comes to getting motivated to achieve, here are five reminders of what to do to get started:

1. Identify those dreams and document your goals.

2. Focus on being positive even when you have to force yourself.There may be times that seem challenging, but just keep going.

3. Meditate and speak affirmations. This will help you develop the power and energy to achieve what you envision.

4. Include others in your goals by helping others. Generosity of self opens the doors to receiving what you desire.

5. Live a lifestyle that is in support of all aspects of you and your body as you pursue your goals.

I'll be back in August to check on you!

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