Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Energy Of OBÀTÁLÁ Is Upon You: Orisha Inspired Jewelry


Within the authentic Yoruba traditional religious construct, the male diety,  Orisha OBÀTÁLÁ is known to be the creator of Earth and sculptor of mankind. The Alpha who works with clay. He belongs to the psychic system, that is to the belief in the being of the spirit and the soul.

I Ask...Who Rules Your Head...?   

"For the Obatala child the expression and use of this primary energy is complex. The Obatala child will see a world of black and white. No Gray. To an Obatala child things are either right or wrong there is no middle ground." (Ifa Foundation International interpretation)

Cowrie Shells, Opalite, and Pearl Jewelry Set, Pearl Beaded Earrings and Wrap Bracelet

In honor of the Orisha Obatala, this wire wrapped cowrie shells and ivory glass pearls beaded bracelet and earrings set will make a subtle yet beautiful statement. Earrings 5.5" length, gold plated lever back ear-wires, Bracelet is designed using memory wire.

Materials: Opalite stones, Glass pearls, Cowrie shells, Gold beads

Only At: www.KheperaAdornments.com 


Nigeria- Obatala Shrine in Ile Ife