Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Make Someone Else Smile :-)

I recently returned back to the states after spending time with family in the United Kingdom; London to be exact. It is always enlightening to see and experience the immense differences between the two cultures, and the many diverse cultural differences in between of people from around the world. Truly it is always inspirational when having a lovely chat with a passenger on the plane, finding out about their family life, job experiences, or purpose for travel. Certainly it makes for a more interesting life on Earth, having had these types of magnificent experiences.

I have come to find that when you expand your world, you expand your mind, and the things that you once thought were so important, are no longer as important anymore. We weren't placed on this Earth to be servers of ourselves, but rather nurturers of the universe. We are here to teach, listen, learn, and serve others. No matter how much some may fight against this philosophy, life teaches us all that if we are useless to society, longevity of such behavior has no place in the Earth's motion and movement, and the results can be alarming, when we find ourselves merely self-serving.

It is best to to pay attention to those subtle hints of life that demonstrate that life is good, and we are on the right path. Our time here is short, so let us make the most of it, primarily, by making someone else smile.


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