Saturday, October 19, 2013

Don't Allow The Stench Of EViL To Sit At Your Dining Table

Photo is pretty frightening...huh? No, it was not posted in celebration of Halloween, nor is it a representation of something "religious" that I am about to get into.~Not at all...

But the fact remains...whether one believes or not, I am here to tell you that the spirit realm does exist. There is the stench of evil and the pleasurable fragrance of good that exists in this world. My topic today is on the evil portion that resonates within existence...

Have you ever encountered a person or persons who are just plain EVIL? If not...I'm sure you may come across one at some point in your lifetime...whether they affect you or not. I often speak of meditation and reflection, and for good cause. It is so that someone could potentially be touched by the importance of delving within one's own spirit to receive the answers to living.
Some shall giggle at this post and that's okay. Others will embrace the photo as they look in the mirror and are a replicate of it.

The way to see this vision, is to be silent, and to take in more than one puts out. Don't talk so much. Sometimes our egos get in the way, and we want people to know all that we know about everything. I want you to try an activity for yourself next week:

Should you find yourself in discussion with others and it leads you to formulate an opinion...keep that opinion to yourself. Don't let that person or group know what you are thinking. Just say...."Hmmm...that is interesting." Do that ALL week. Don't expect magic afterwords, because you won't find any. This is a cycle of energy that must become embedded in the Universe before you shall see the effects of it. It will be interesting to know what comes about your experiment when the week ends.

I can not emphasize it enough...the less you speak, and the more you listen....guaranteed, you will begin to truly see people for who they authentically are faster than ever before. It will work on dates (that beautiful woman or that handsome man), job interviews, business meetings, classrooms, churches, etc., etc., etc.....

Take ownership of your power and begin to develop your visionary gifts, so that you can propel to the next level of elevation fully prepared. Know that you will not be able to banish the ugliness of this person and spirit just by being visionary; so don't expect that to happen. However, your knowledge and expertise overtime, shall strengthen you to the extent that you will be able to over-power any obstacles that may come your way. Just start off with that small activity this coming week. Heck, start today!

You Are Uniquely & Brilliantly Adorned.

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