Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Don't Be A Victim: Prosper In Resistance

Today I wish to briefly talk about the word resistance. It seems that many have an aversion to this word and quickly find themselves to either avoid the word itself or anyone who fails to comply to whatever so-called rules that have been put in place despite how much sense they make, would be deemed as someone who resists. Instantly we tend to see people as militant, trouble makers...or we may even victimize ourselves the moment that we sense that resistance is amidst us. Let us look at the definition:

1re·sis·tance noun \ri-ˈzis-tən(t)s\ - :refusal to accept something new or different,:effort made to stop or to fight against someone or something,:the ability to prevent something from having an effect.

This is a pretty simple definition of this word, for most to understand. Yet why must we focus on the acts that define this word rather than its purpose? Here are some examples of situations where some form of resistance is included in the scenarios:

1. Everyone at the board meeting were apprehensive to the new developments proposed by the executive director, so the group voted to postpone the ideas for further review, with no pending date to reconvene on the matter.

2. Malik had all of the credentials and experience for the potential promotion and had served the corporation in varied capacities for well over twenty years. He found it rather odd that the company selected Rick, 23 year old son of the CEO who obviously was a fish out of water as it related to his experience. Malik quickly found himself questioning why he may have not been selected for the position.

3. Maggie was determined that not only was she going to lose 175 lbs., she would build muscle and ultimately prepare for a competition, so she joined a local gym and proceeded to hire a trainer to help her reach her goals.

Okay, in each scenario there is a level of resistance that can ultimately either stop the executive director, Malik and Maggie to get to the next level. But what they decide to do with the energy of resistance will determine how they shall proceed and succeed. They can either become victimized and place blame on others for their potential failure should they choose that road, or they can see this as a brilliant opportunity to rise to the occasion.

I just thought I would provide my two-cents on this issue as I think I am tired of watching people focus on the resistance rather than focus on its purpose. Stop getting angry because things didn't go your way so easily. Suck it up, embrace the resistance and supersede your own expectations. This is being the opposite of common.

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