Monday, February 16, 2015

Psychological Strength & Endurance: Push On, Especially When Odds Are Against You

So we are soon to come to the end of the second month in 2015, and I must state that many things have gotten on my nerves; particularly in my daytime persona. Living two lives is challenging. By day, I enter an environment filled with corporate barracudas who utilize  people's services in such a way that would totally diminish the human dynamic and spirit (if one had such power to do so...)

By night my cup runneth over; living a world of creativity, imagination, beauty, communication with great people and an added blessing of prosperity.

Shall the two lives ever mesh or meet...? Never.

There is power in silence.

I implore you to take on the challenges of the day, that are often filled with hustle, bustle, and insensitivity. Take deep breaths, put on your artificial smile, until it becomes authentic, keep your head up and by all means, keep pushing forward. Despite what you may see in people, know that there is great benefit one can extract by observing those self-serving folks who never have your best interest in mind.~Just smile within, appreciate your strength and psychological endurance, and reward yourself with just a little bit more work by night. Ultimately the momentum of  energy that you put forth solely directed toward your own personal growth will entirely change the dynamics with which you live by night and by day. This is your year and your time. Everything you touch shall turn to gold.

You Are Uniquely & Brilliantly Adorned.

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