Sunday, January 3, 2016

Khepera's Weight Loss Series 2016: Week 1




So I definitely accumulated unwanted pounds in 2015, because that's just the kind of year I was having... I had a terrible job in an oppressive office environment working with lost souls. Somehow there were always meetings scheduled at lunch time, so there was never time to eat properly. And on top of that, as a jewelry artist, most of my work is completed while sitting down!!! Consequently, I "chubbed up" so to speak. So it's 2016, and I've got to get these unwanted pounds off in a matter of six weeks.

Why six you ask? Well, because I will be traveling once again to the European regions and I'm so sorry but I'm not taking America's chub with me. I'm not so much going to focus on my weight so much as I will focus on getting back into my favorite size 6 jeans. Will-I-make-it...?!


If you would care to join me, I'm starting off this challenge with an Afro Beat Workout a few times per week with some weight training in between, drinking plenty of water, eating clean, and getting much needed rest.

I'll be sure to find us something fantastic to work on next week. Until then, Best wishes on your fitness journey for 2016! See you next week....