Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Painstaking Natural Hair Initiation...

Artsit: Arie L.

Going natural, natural hair journey, naptural, loc goddess, loc'd for life, happy to be nappy...etc., etc....etc. Many have heard much of the varied terminology and colloquialisms mentioned above. This language regards the life-changing movement that beautiful women of color experience as they abandon the maintenance of processed hair, and make the decision to embrace their roots, (both figuratively and literally). In essence, freedom of the mind begins with embracing one's authentic self allowing no other force in the universe to influence their decisions regarding their appreciation of an African perspective, an African persona and an African self-image.

While many would think that there is one singular (Europeanized) standard of beauty, be not deceived, for the women of color are changing this dynamic with a vengeance. African women across the globe and additional women of color who have kinky coily curly tresses are making a conscious decision to embrace their natural authentic selves. Women near and far of all ages are re-defining the standard of beauty to have a more personalized ethnic touch which corresponds with the very core of their being, history, culture and essence.

But no one said it would be easy...especially if those realizations are coming to fruition after ladies have been wearing their hair in a processed fashion, which leaves the hair silky straight...yet unfortunately dead at the same time.

Join me on Youtube as I talk about my own journey and the challenges faced through the transition of going back to natural.

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