Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Why Do It Now, When I Can Put It Off Until Tomorrow?

Why Do It Now, When I Can Put It Off Until Tomorrow?

  1. the action of delaying or postponing something.

So what can be said about procrastination? How can we change the dynamics of our behavior when we delay the inevitable, only to have to complete our tasks and deadlines at the very last minute? According to the CalPoly newsletter, it states that there are several characteristics of being a procrastinator. Hmmm...would you agree?

Low Self-Confidence

The procrastinator may struggle with feelings of low self-confidence and low self-esteem. He may insist upon a high level of performance even though he may feel inadequate or incapable of actually achieving that level.

I'm Too Busy

Procrastination may be used to call attention to how busy he is. “Obviously I cannot do such and such because my affairs are so complicated and so demanding. That is why I am late, etc.” The procrastinator may even spend considerable time justifying his reasons, time that could be spent doing the work.


Procrastination may be used as an expression of stubbornness or pride: “Don't think you can push me around. I will do it when I'm good and ready.”


Procrastination may be used to control or manipulate the behavior of others. “They cannot start if I am not there.” Let's face it: deliberate delay drives others crazy.

Coping with Pressures

Procrastination is often truly difficult to eradicate since the delay behavior has become a method of coping with day-to-day pressures and experiences. Obviously if one is cured, others will put new demands and expectations upon you. It's easier to have an excuse, to delay, to put off.

A Frustrated Victim

The procrastinator often feels like a victim: he cannot understand his behavior or why he cannot get work done like others. The whole thing is a frustrating mystery. The reasons for his behavior are hidden from him. 
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