Thursday, November 2, 2017

INTUITION: 10 Ways To Get The Best Answers For Your Life

by Abeni Bamidele

Intuition in my estimation has to be the number one supernatural gift that we are given. It is our safety net; our highest source of intelligence that grants us the internal messages that will successfully guide us along our divine and spiritual path all of our lives. It should never be questioned or second guessed. It just is.

Intuition operates best in silence. It speaks to us and gives us the answers that we need to make the very next decision from the previous decision. It is a step by step guide to the perfection that rests within us, waiting to be utilized.

If a believer in God or an omnipotent power or energy source, you will find that intuition is the mechanism that propels you to achieve, keeps you safe and helps you to rapidly overstand other human beings. Those who do not utilize intuition can very easily find themselves in confused states and unable to make rational decisions, which can lead them through winding tumultuous roads, unsafe situations and even death.

There are a series of indicators to determine if your Third Eye (intuition) is being exercised. When we follow these series of steps, we know that we are using our minds in accordance to the divine gifting that is bestowed upon us.

by Laura Sava

10 Ways To Make Intuition Work For You:

1. Listen to your internal voice. (Your first thoughts are usually the correct ones.)

2. Take time to be quite and without distraction of others.

3. Realize your talents, gifts and abilities, then make them work on your behalf. Create.

4.Keep a watchful eye of everything around you. Leave no corner undone. Observe everything.

5. Listen to and feel the signals in your body. (heart rate, adrenaline, skin, muscle movement).

6. Empathize with others. Listen more and speak less.

7. Be mindful of your dreams. Write them down. What are they telling you?

8. Relax, relax, relax. Rest is necessary, so the body isn't giving you false signals.

9. Let go of negative energy completely. Speak positive things into existence. 


10. Follow your mind (thoughts). Your "gut" feelings are usually your indicators that you are on the right tract.

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