Friday, August 16, 2013

The Gye Nyame ~ The Supremacy Of God @ Khepera Adornments

The Gye Nyame
This is an absolutely powerful symbol of the omnipotence of God-Power/Energy. This West African, Ghanaian, Akan symbol is surely a force to be reckoned with. It signifies the all-knowing power of God; best known for the meaning "...Except for God".

While each of us has his or her own definition of this omnipotent presence based on our upbringing will determine its authentic meaning. Some may utilize the meaning to mean "God" as a separate source of energy, quite out of their own bodies, extracting its energy within,while others will "accept" that the all-knowing omnipresence of God is ever-internal, and in turn extracted outwardly to be used as the shield and sword of both protection and victory.

Much like the Kemetic ideology of the all-seeing/all-knowing Third-Eye Mind, the Gye Nyame represents the superior being that resides inside of us to eternity. You are born a superior galactic being, and your spirit shall reign forever.

Now isn't that a fine position to hold in this Universe? ------------- Know Your Symbols, Use Your Symbols, Or Someone Else Will, Ya Feel Me?

I keep telling you...You Are Uniquely & Brilliantly Adorned.

Feel good about it, and click that orange button. ;-)