Friday, January 10, 2014

Lose Weight Rapidly In 2014: Forget About The Rest, This Works! I figured the title would catch your eye because when people are striving to lose weight, they generally think about it in the beginning of the year, and they want the laborious task to move quickly.

Well guess what? Just as quickly as you lose it, you will surely gain it back, probably even faster. Usually no one wants to hear you have to exercise, or you have to eat healthier or skim down on your portions, but the bottom line is, you may very well need to do a little of each of these to see some form of change within yourself.

Many people who know me, watched my drastic transition of weight loss from 2007 to the end of 2008. The haters...yes, I said it. The haters would have liked to think that I was sick, and plummeting to my death as the reason that I was losing weight, yet they were sadly mistaken. Isn't there always a cluster of people in your midst that often pretend to be supporters of you but in actuality they are sitting back hoping that you fail? Well guess what? Those are the very ones that give you the energy to push forward and excel as you (and I) always do. :-)

Okay, so here's the challenge this year to ensure that you maximize your weight loss, if that is what you are interested in doing within this new year. I'm only going to provide a few tips, as I don't profess to be a guru at this at all, but I certainly pride myself in being a change agent. And if you are interested at all in the metamorphosis process...why not practice on your own self. You will feel better and I'm sure feel more confident.

Here are a few steps to ensure that you are on the road to a healthier you:

1. WATER. It is the key folks. You must increase your intake on water daily. It can fill you up at times, flush out the toxins (which often tip the scale up) and most importantly will speed up your metabolism. I'm not going to tell you how much water to drink, because you may not listen to me or want to follow what I suggest, but I certainly encourage you to drink water every time you think about it. And do whatever it takes to think about it. And put a splash of lemon in it or orange if you don't like plain water.

2. EAT LESS FATTY FOODS AND MORE PROTEINS AND VEGETABLES. Increase your intake of these types of foods and make them snacks! Sound crazy? Yeah, well it works. You should be eating several times a day and stop after a certain hour. Don't eat right before you go to bed and lay on your meals. It just ain't right.

3. YOU'VE GOT TO MOVE THAT BODY WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. Walk faster if you have to. Park in the parking lot of a shopping center far away so that you can take a few extra steps. Take the stairs rather than the elevator. Or just flat out get some exercise in, for at least a half-hour a day for at least four days....otherwise...forget it. You won't see any significant changes in your body and you will just get frustrated and eat a bag of chips to numb the pain of that frustration.

4. IF YOU DRINK ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, KNOCK IT OFF. will really need to decrease your liquor intake because your just drinking empty calories filled with sugar that goes strait to your gut. I once knew a young lady who went to the gym faithfully. She certainly worked out far more than I did. I mean she was in there at least five times a week. But she drank starting on Thursday, then Friday, then Saturday....Ummm...don't do that. For the life of me I never noticed a difference in her body but you couldn't tell her she wasn't looking svelte so I just left well enough alone. As long as she felt good about it, right? Just don't do that to yourself. You're only going to get your body confused and angry, and the reward is that your body will blow up on you.

5.GET ADEQUATE REST. (Ha! I don't know anything about this) But I encourage others to do it. See, when you are sleeping, your body has pretty much calculated all your wonderful efforts of exercise in the day and is doing the work at night while you are sleeping. You will often be amazed when you wake up some mornings and your body feels tighter. That won't happen as much if you stay up through the night like I often find myself doing these days. So don't do as I as I say! Haha! If that makes sense.

6. LOVE YOU AT EVERY SIZE. The love of yourself at a chubby weight will lead to the love of yourself at a size more conducive to your desires. You can't hate yourself in the beginning and expect to extract love from the self-loathing...So look in that mirror every chance you get and feed yourself with positive affirmations, then get to work!

I promised to be brief on this topic. I wish you well in your weight loss endeavors!

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