Saturday, January 4, 2014

Your Blessings Shall Come In Many Forms: Do Not Turn Them Away

I entered the post office this morning engrossed in my thoughts while shipping orders, and quite thankful for the generous customers who found interest in my designs so that they may beautify themselves in the new year. While standing in line, suddenly the most putrid horrific stench resonated in that room which quickly lead me to survey my surroundings to see where the offensive smell was coming from. At that moment, I became aware that I was not the only one in an uncomfortable position, but could see the misery on the other customer's faces as they too were experiencing what I was experiencing.

And there he was...(or at least I could make such assumption) a very disheveled man with torn clothing, scraggly beard and hair in clumps, holding envelopes and pacing back and forth to such the degree that it was making the customer near him quite uneasy. As it always is in this particular post office, there is never enough employees to assist with an extremely long line of rather inpatient customers. Needless to say, we were all waiting for quite some time and I feared that such a stench of horror would become embedded in my DNA should I need to be subjected to it any longer.

Now I wasn't so bothered by the man himself, as his countenance and demeanor appeared quite pleasant. Having worked in the field of behavioral health for well over twenty years, I would surmise that he was probably challenged with some form of mental illness, as he demonstrated schizo-affective tendencies, with his sporadic movement, and verbal outbursts of pleasantries I might add. Upon his time to be helped, he greeted the postal employee, and I was quite pleased with the way she worked with him to receive what he needed in order to mail his envelopes. My mind drifted off for a moment as I tried to imagine what he could have been mailing off...Perhaps letters to congress or the president to describe the current condition of Americans during these challenging times. Yet I digress in thought.

Well off he went with a smile, holes in over-sized trousers, missing teeth and a most memorable aroma. He wished the postal employee well, and began saying goodbye to the customers in line as he walked towards the exit door. I'm not quite sure how the the rest of the people in line felt about what we were experiencing but I must honestly admit that I was a bit relieved to not have to experience the wrath of odor that resonated from such a happy being. And just in that moment, he looked over at a table and said, "Ooooh someone's gonna be very unhappy when they go to their car, and not be able to get in. Are these anyone's keys?" He stood there holding the keys up with a smudged hand. How relieved I was that he had potentially rescued me from my ill fate of losing my keys, as I walked over to him and thanked him for his assistance. He said, "Ooooh I know your happy now...". And I stated in return, "I surely am. Thank you." And off he went in a flash.

You know, we never know exactly what life will bring from moment to moment, but we can always be grateful that blessings will come to us in many forms, if we humble ourselves, open our hearts, be ready to receive, and most thankful.

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