Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Heal Thyself With Grapefruit Seed Extract

Heal Thyself With Grapefruit Seed Extract

One can very easily call the grapefruit a power fruit as it is rich in fiber, potassium, lycopene, vitamin C and choline. This means that the grapefruit can lower blood pressure, promote healthy skin and help lower the risk of  a variety of diseases. Grapefruits decrease the risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. But wait...there's more! 

Even more miraculous phenomenons occur with the usage and intake of grapefruit seed extract.
Grapefruit seed extract (GSE)  is a liquid oil based substance extracted from the seeds, pulp and white membrane of the grapefruit. When used on a consistent basis, with only a few drops within 8 oz. glasses of water, one can potentially experience more positive response within in the body when battling varied health conditions.

The seed and pulp of the grapefruit are used to make GSE, and is bitter to the taste. Vegetable glycerin is added to help make the taste more tolerable. Not only is GSE found in liquid form, there are capsules or tablets available for those who find the liquid taste too bitter.

18 Benefits Of Grapefruit Seed Extract

According to an article written on "Applied Health",  Dr. Allan Sachs provides the numerous ailments that can be helped with the utilization of GSE.
  • Acne - Add a concentration of 1% to 3% to skin care products. Avoid contact with eyes. After cleansing the face, apply 2 to 3 drops of GSE to moistened fingertips, and massage gently in circular motions for one minute. Rinse with cool water. The bacteria-killing properties and cleansing action may cause a tingling sensation.For internal cleansing, add 10 – 15 drops of GSE to juice, three times a day.
  • AIDS - An increasing number of HIV positive people are able to improve their immune system by using GSE to fight viruses, bacteria, fungi, Candida, or parasites. For these patients, however, it may be best to start with a more diluted concentration, so the body can adjust more easily to the detoxification process. Be sure to check with your health care provider.
  • Athlete’s foot – The commercially prepared foot powders, creams, and sprays that contain GSE have been shown to be beneficial for athlete’s foot.
  • Colds, flus, viruses – Take 10 – 15 drops, or 1 – 2 capsules/tablets, 3 times a day, at the first signs of cold or flu. Or mix 50 drops in 1 quart of juice, and sip throughout the day.
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – To generally build up immune system, gradually increase GSE amount to the recommended dosage for colds, flus, and viruses.
  • Cold sores, cuts, wounds – Use 1 – 5 drops in 50 drops of water. Frequent application of solution to wound will promote faster healing.
  • Gums (Gingivitis) – Dilute 5 to 10 drops of GSE in 6 to 8 ounces of water, and rinse mouth with solution thoroughly.
  • Dandruff - Add a few drops of GSE to each application of shampoo. Wait five minutes before rinsing. DO NOT get in eyes. Remember, GSE is acidic.
  • Diarrhea - Use 15 to 20 drops in juice every four hours; no more than 60 drops per day. For parasites, higher doses may be necessary.
  • Earaches - There are commercially prepared eardrops, which can be found at the health food store, containing GSE. Do not use GSE concentrate directly in ears.
  • Parasites - Parasites affect the majority of people. They become more of a health problem as travel and contamination of food, and water, increase. Stay disciplined, with 3 to 5 doses per day. Parasite infections that have occurred for a long period of time will take more time to cure. Be patient.
  • Sinusitis - Using a spray atomizer, add a pinch of salt, and no more than two drops of GSE. Shake and spray into nose. Repeat every four hours. If the solution is too mild, add one or two more drops of GSE and shake. Do not use this treatment with young children.
  • Sore throats – Dilute a few drops in water and use as a gargle. This will fight even Strep germs. Use approximately 2 to 3 drops in 5 ounces of water for the gargle.
  • Traveler’s Diarrhea (Montezuma’s Revenge) - Use 1 – 2 drops of GSE in a glass of water each day as a preventative.
  • Ulcers - Use 1 capsule dissolved in 12 ounces of juice or water, and take with one meal per day. If no stomach irritation occurs, increase dose to two, and then three meals per day. Maximum dose can be increased to 6 tablets (dissolved in liquid) per day.
  • Water purification – Add 10 to 25 drops of GSE, per gallon of water. Shake and let stand for several minutes. The water will have a bitter taste to it, due to the GSE.
  • Cleansing produce – Add a few drops to the water used for washing produce. Let sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. This will help destroy any Salmonella or E.Coli bacteria.

Even Pets Use GSE

Pets - GSE is an excellent remedy for skin disease, external injuries, fungal infections, parasites, bacteria, and viruses. Also, helps bad breath when added to drinking water.Use 1 drop of liquid, or 10 milligrams of powder, per 10 pounds of body weight. Frequency of dosage can be increased by 2 or 3 times, without side effects.

GSE is a particular item that I keep on hand; especially in the changes of the seasons, when people get sick the most. It has helped to build my immune system, so that my body resists the sickness of others. You know...when folks start coughing and hacking without covering their mouths... Don't ya just hate when that happens?

Stay healthy my friends!