Sunday, March 20, 2016

When You Love Leather... Khepera Adornments, LLC

Chocolate Brown Leather Strap Charm Bracelet, Leather Cuff Ankh Bracelet, Leather Wrist Band


This beautiful Chocolate Brown Leather Strap Charm Bracelet is rich in a deep blue hue. Designed with high quality 100% genuine leather, and features an adjustable two-snap closure, for the smaller to medium size wrist. The bracelet is just over 43cm/16.93 inches length. The cuff will fit varied wrist sizes from a small to medium size wrist as it can be wrapped around the wrist according to size and snaps in place. The dangling charms (wire wrapped cowrie shell and solid brass Ankh personally selected by me while in Ghana, which I hand painted) provides the bracelet with an added urban chic flair, that will surely dress up your attire.

Solid brass Ankh pendant
100% Genuine Leather Cuff bracelet
Wire-wrapped Cowrie shell