Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Do You Respect Your Sexual Energy?

10 Sensual Goddess Commandments
By Lady Shepsa

1. Thou shalt know you are a goddess. 

2. Thou shalt love yourself first.

3. Thou shalt treat your body as a shrine.

4. Remember sacred sex, keep it holy. 

5. Honor the sacred feminine and masculine energies.

 6. Thou shalt not ignore your intuition. 

7. Thou shalt speak your truth.

 8. Thou shalt have an open loving heart.

 9. Thou will experience pleasure every day. 

10. Thou shalt twirl in orgasmic juiciness. 

Join me, as I talk about the impact of the media and its misconceptions, stereotypes and demonization of African American women relating to sexuality. Additionally, I briefly discuss the history within the U.S., holding African American women captive and raping them over a period of decades. Based on these historical accounts, the U.S. has created propaganda to perpetuate the myth that African American women are promiscuous. Any form of high-risk sexual behavior from this population is the direct result of the embedded trauma that they have endured since their forced entry into the U.S.

Call To Action

In the provided video, I encourage young women to change the cycle of any potential behavior that would lead to high-risk sexual behavior. Additionally, this is a call to action, to discipline one's self to recognize their worth, understand their sexual energy, and utilize it in the most person-centered appropriate way.

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