Saturday, July 30, 2016

Adinkra Symbol Jewelry From Khepera Adornments, LLC

Solid Brass Adinkra Symbol Earrings, African

 Earrings, Funtunfunefu-Denkyemfunefu Earrings,

 Statement Jewelry

Enjoy the Funtunfunefu-Denkyemfunefu Earrings. They're bright, colorful and cheerful. Make a great statement. 3.5" length, gold plated ear wires.
Ghanaian Symbol of Democracy and Unity


Solid Brass Funtunfunefu-Denkyemfunefu pendants

African Trade Beads (glass)
Jasper gemstones
Batik bone beads
Wooden beads
Red clay beads

Recent 5 Star Reviews:
Got a lot of compliments...beautiful piece, M.B.

Fast delivery in 2 days. Lots of compliments. Color is vibrant and hoops are large in size just like I like it. Beautiful piece. Donna

Love this unique find ! Canallany

Beautiful...lovely!!!!!! keep getting compliments. just as seen in picture. Maureen Mutoni

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