Saturday, July 9, 2016

Racial War Or Spiritual War: Know Thyself

Racial War Or Spiritual War: Know Thyself

by Abeni Bamidele

We are indeed in the midst of spiritual warfare, and "race" and "racism" is simply the catalyst (or mechanism) used to force us all to change the dynamics of how we are to operate, behave, think, maneuver on this Earth. We have reached the final destination, and are being called to be "God-like", omnipotent, supernatural, higher beings...galactic. And we as a people, are far from this expectation in the eyes of God, Spirit, Inner-Knowing. People (no matter what race) will serve as "sacrificial lambs" until we recognize our Divine Purpose on this Earth.

To fight over who's color is better than who's is one of the lowest forms of ourselves that we could possibly focus on. All things are developed by divine design. We are called to remove the emotionalism from ourselves. That is only our egos taking hold of who we are all actually supposed to be. The fight that we are ALL supposed to be having right now, is a fight to take ownership of our authentic, gifted, intellectual, supernatural selves...not for the purpose of gaining notoriety and power as defined by our lower selves, but rather to offer ourselves to the greater good of human kind as a whole (while we are here on this Earth and beyond...)

It is an eternal responsibility.

People of all races creeds colors, nationalities, and ethnic groups shall continue to die, until we get it right. Our day-to-day developing stories that we are seeing, experiencing, and living are the tools that will eventually lead us to what true righteousness and consciousness is and means. We are surely spiritual beings, and this is our human experience.