Thursday, November 17, 2016

FEAR, White Supremacy In The U.S.: Supernatural Intelligence


verb \ˈfir\
: to be afraid of (something or someone)

  • : to expect or worry about (something bad or unpleasant)
  • :to be afraid and worried
  •  We SELECT to operate in fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of horrific circumstances, fear of pain, fear of agony, fear of loss, fear of power, fear of death, fear of a racist fascist leadership in the United States that has served as a never-ending, never-ceasing, ever-present institution of evil for varied populations of people who domicile. Yet we must not operate in fear. 
  • Listen now as I discuss how no one man nor party can generate fear, as fear is created by the person who has selected to partakes in such an emotion, or state of being. Fear is a decision. Freedom of the mind and utilization of one's supernatural intelligence shall serve as the cure to to operating in one's higher self.
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