Monday, November 14, 2016

Meet Trump's Constituents, The Alt-Right & Others: Get To Know Them

So Who Are These Alt-Right Folks?

According to Wikipedia (well, somewhat), the alt-right are a cluster of an agitated white minority of folks who have a rough exterior yet weakened interior, who deem themselves as intellectuals, and have obtained a "far right" ideology; rejecting mainstream conservatism in the United States. Ok, so for you folks who still don't understand.... they are the non-melanated, who fear that the U.S. will implode, ultimately destroying them, given the state of the darker hued majority of people who have migrated to the U.S. and are the majority of this entire existence on Earth. They wish to see, "America white again." Ha! Best of luck. --At any rate, Wikipedia states that the rants of these "people" are largely internet-based and are found on varied websites. So-called anonymous psuedo-intellectuals craft Internet memes to express themselves. How cute...they make pictures to invoke hatred and fear amidst anyone who is weak enough to bite; who have absolutely destroyed their root chakras. Members of the alt-right use social media to spue their hatred and internal inferiority against all who are different than they are. Sound a bit elementary? Well, it is. 

So, This Is How We Make Amerikkka Great Again

Now I would not down-play this group of crazed KKKonstituents, as it would seem that president-elect Trump has tapped his magic wand over their heads and have provided them with the autonomy to allocate as much damage and mayhem to Africans in America and other foreign-folk of color, women who may have the nerve to get pregnant out of wedlock who seek alternatives to having their babies, Muslims, Mexicans, and the list goes on. and on, and...on....   

The alt-right (alternative-right) are essentially an aggregation of a compromised capacity of disillusioned bloggers, radio hosts, "stink" tanks and activists that formated out of a “white nationalist” movement of the 1980s and 1990s. They hold positions on the far right of American politics, and primarily focus on issues regarding their racially motivated concerns as they see white America as under attack, and sees itself as its defender.

Who's Who In American Politricks: Get To Know Some Folks

So who are some of the folks in Trump's click, who love and support him on his ventures to make America white again, you may ask? I have provided a little look-book below. I encourage you to read about them and follow the goals of the "new" old-American agenda.

 MAWA Look-Book: The Good Ol' Boys
(Make America White Again)

ADDED BONUS Senior Leadership Of Trump

Mike Pence


A Real Look Of (Drunken) Leadership Below:

           Steve Bannon

Provided are some of the most popular, yet there are drums of others. Fear not people. Just know who your enemies are, and keep educating yourselves and invoking your own power in the midst of those less educated ones who utilize fear as a tactic to attempting win the losing battle of the non-melanated. True power starts with the mind. Use it and draw your own inferences.

For more information as to who the alt-right are CLICK HERE.

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