Sunday, December 11, 2016

How To Be A Black Woman In America In 2017: Defying The Independent Black Bitch Myth

How To Be A Black Woman In 2017

 I never said that I wanted to be a strong black bitch in America... The stereotypes and caricatures of the images off black women in the U.S. have been embedded into it's structure since the inception of our enslavement. Have we taken leaps and bounds in progression in defying such stereotypes? That is up for all of us to decide. What I can tell you is that we as an African people in the U.S. perpetuate these stereotypes by developing a means to market ourselves at the expense of our own people. And that certainly does not help matters.

The selected video will take you on a journey of how the African woman in America's image has transcended over time with themes that stand the test of time. In the "new" America, how should the black woman be in 2017?


          Negative Images Of The Black Woman In America