Monday, December 26, 2016

Is The President-Elect Donald Trump Crazy?

Is The President-Elect Donald Trump Crazy?

Well...maybe no more than any other American politician. Hmm...scratch that. The man has issues, but hey, you voted him in, so you must be equally coo-coo-for-cocoa-puffs. Let's face it. In 2017, we are about to embark on Nutsville U.S.A. 

This year of 2016 has gone out with a bang with one of my all-time favorite entertainers passing away, George Michael. And while he is not an American singer, he still represents the great turmoil that the energy brings within the environments that have people dropping like flies.

So it would only make sense that we have been forewarned that 2017 will come in with a big sociopathic bang. Mr. Trump shall be the catalyst to showing the American people that they have picked the right nut for the job. As if him grabbing pus-y(ies) wasn't enough, expect the entire nation to feed off the energy of the culmination of confusion that we shall endure in the coming years....Hell, the coming months...weeks!!!

It would seem that I have been fixated on this man since him rearing his ugly head holding interest in this government position he has taken fancy to as POTUS. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I can't help but be intrigued by the witchcraft, voodoo and hoodoo spells he has placed on the American people that would have him to take on ruler of the pseudo-free nation. 

Clearly one can not enter such a position without taking part in the secret societies that have stolen African rituals since the inception of time. And well, while black folks were being fooled terribly by Christian witchcraft that would make them completely docile (to put it kindly), the elite have taken on those traditional African rituals that place spells on those vulnerable ones who require to be lead rather than lead. 

Yes...those blasted weak ass sheep that are eternally lead astray. Uuugh the stupidity just gets on my nerves. Damn those sheep!!!

At any rate, getting back... I was stating that I am fascinated by this guy. Trump that is! First off, he's a Gemini. Given that I too am a Gemini, I have a slight idea of what we are in for in terms of well...some inconsistency and mood swings. That can be quite dangerous when leading a corporation of this magnitude. No...not dangerous for the Gemini, but dangerous for those poor little dumb sheeplings who are actually waiting to see America be great again. 


I can tell you now...if you reside in a trailer and have missing teeth, you will not be seeing America be great again. 

Definition Of SORCERY

  1. 1:  the use of power gained from the assistance or control of evil spirits especially for divining :  necromancy
  2. 2:  magic 2a

What you were experiencing when the good ol' Trump was running for office was sorcery. Spiritual and political mumbo-jumbo that worked! Hey, one could learn a lot from this guy. To top off his dual nature, let's tack on a few diagnoses. 

I so happened to be reading the latest Trump news as I do each morning and came across an article written back in June 2016. It is titled The Mind Of Donald Trump. Quite naturally my curiosity got the best of me and I absolutely had to read more. 

While it is unethical so I hear, to make a sound diagnosis of Trump's psychological standing and conditions and provide the public with such pertinent information, there is a criteria that can be used to measure his stabilization or lack thereof. Below are the top five personality traits that some psychologists utilize to make determinations of mental stabilization:

Extroversion: gregariousness, social dominance, enthusiasm, reward-seeking behavior

Neuroticism: anxiety, emotional instability, depressive tendencies, negative emotions

Conscientiousness: industriousness, discipline, rule abidance, organization

Agreeableness: warmth, care for others, altruism, compassion, modesty

Openness: curiosity, unconventionality, imagination, receptivity to new ideas

Umm... you can do the math, analyze these criteria and figure it out for yourself, but if you're into reading as I would behoove you to want to read this article and draw some inferences. --Just a thought.

It seems to be a no-brainer when it comes to public opinion that Trump is a sociopath and a narcissist. But so what? That same diagnosis can be applied to a super huge proportion of the American population as a whole. After all, supremacists have to take on these diagnosis. If they didn't, they may not succeed in all their deceitful and destructive tactics. And for those poor dumb sheeplings left behind, constantly running behind in hopes of some type of acceptance...well that's madness as well. 

I'd have to pull out my handy-dandy DSM-V to research the countless mental disorders an oppressed people have who chase after white supremacy in an effort to be accepted from a society who wishes them ill-will to say the least.

My recommendations: Keep your eyes open. Especially keep your Third Eye open and watch the rapid changes occurring while the good ol' boy enters into the white house. Moreover, continue to remain focused on those things that make sense in your life. We don't need absolutely everyone to be crazy during this time that America has taken a ride on the psychotic side!

Remain steadfast. You are Uniquely and Brilliantly Adorned.

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